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Touro's College of Pharmacy has focused on building the best, most comprehensive pharmacy programs available. We know that by serving our students, we are serving the world and spreading our mission: To Serve. To Lead.

All our programs are supportive and innovative with a focus on acquiring the knowledge and experience that best match your interests and goals. We take pride in our program, and we take pride in you!

We believe in these things

TUC pharmacy student administering a vaccine to a senior woman
  • Benefiting society through programs in pharmacy education, research, scholarship and service
  • Preparing students to become competent, caring and ethical pharmacists
  • Developing students and faculty to be leaders and role models in a wide variety of professional settings
  • Promoting life-long learning in a culture of collegiality, respect, and diversity

We strive for these ideals

Student pharmacist smiling and helping customer
  • Graduate competent pharmacists who provide pharmacist-delivered patient care
  • Develop faculty, student, and alumni leaders who advance the practice of pharmacy
  • Promote critical thinking and responsiveness to the diverse learning styles of students
  • Sustain a culture of equity, respect, and understanding by recruiting divers faculty, staff and students

COP Leadership

Dr Jim Scott portrait

Dr. Jim Scott, Dean, College of Pharmacy

Dr. Jim Scott was appointed Dean of TUC’s College of Pharmacy in September 2021. Dr. Scott served for 21 years as a professor and associate dean at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California.

Dr. Scott also worked at D’Youville College and SUNY, both located in Buffalo, New York. Dr. Scott completed his undergraduate, Master’s and PharmD degrees at the University of Florida in Gainesville.


Touro University California College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)


Our Mission. Our Values.

smiling student pulling library book off the shelf

Touro University California's College of Pharmacy views our program as a way to improve society and help individuals through pharmacy education, scholarship and service.

We are committed to:

  • Preparing students to be competent, caring and ethical professionals
  • Furthering the professional development of our faculty in teaching, scholarship and service
  • Embracing collegiality as a central value in relationships among and between faculty, students and other health professionals
  • Creating a learning environment responsive to the needs of diverse populations and learning styles
  • Preparing pharmacists for all practice settings
  • Evolving with the pharmacy profession as clinical activities increase
  • Producing leaders who well represent the profession to other health care professions and the public
  • Embracing technology as a means to advance pharmacy practice and improve health care outcomes

Faculty Mentoring Program

The College of Pharmacy has a mentoring program for its faculty, available to junior and even mid-career and senior faculty; in that sense, someone can serve simultaneously as a mentor and a mentee. The program was developed after an extensive review to combine the best aspects of formal and informal mentoring programs in matching mentor-mentee pairs.

The overarching aim of the program is to promote development, competence, camaraderie, and well-being among our faculty. In this program, prospective mentors and mentees complete a skills inventory indicating their current strengths and areas in which they feel they have something to share (mentors) or areas in which they seek either guidance or growth (mentees). They are then matched by our Faculty Development and Promotion Committee, which supervises its implementation and the ongoing quality of the program.


Although physicians prescribe the medication, it is ultimately the pharmacist that thoroughly inspects each one for safety and efficacy before dispensing them. I am in pharmacy because I understand the profound effect medicine has on prolonging life.

- Cynthia Yee, PharmD
Touro University California College of Pharmacy, Class of 2020

Touro University California is a two year academic didactic and two year experiential rotation program. I have had the wonderful support of the program to grow from a pharmacy student to practitioner. The program has been amazing in supporting its students in all their endeavors, and many of the talented faculty have served as wonderful mentors.

- Jasmine Reber, PharmD
Touro University California College of Pharmacy, Class of 2016