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Graduate School Of Education

  • 97% Master's degree completion rate
  • 95% Graduates work in educational organizations
  • 80% New students are referred by another student or professional

We are dedicated to equity, diversity, and inclusion and we've built a community designed for educators who want to change the future of education. Our education programs prepare students to meet the needs of diverse populations through equitable and just practices that address the future of innovation in education.

Our Programs

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Ed.D. in Leading Innovative Diverse Organizations

Expand your vision for organizations that value diversity, equity, and inclusion as you learn to lead innovation and systemic change in this doctorate in education program.

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M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

This one-year Master of Education in Educational Leadership program is based on the Administrative Services Credential preparation program.

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M.A. in Equity, Diversity & Inclusive Education

This Master of Arts program serves as an effective forum for exploring the ideas, experiences, and issues encountered by youth stakeholders as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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M.Ed. in Innovative Learning

This forward-thinking master of education program allows you to redefine learning through innovative uses of digital media and technology as you prototype new models for lessons and performance assessments that allow greater equity and engagement for students.

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M.A. in Teaching Mathematics

Immerse yourself in the art of teaching mathematics, explore innovative and evidence-based methods for enhancing student achievement, and tackling student knowledge gaps.

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Credential Programs

Flexible, affordable and focused on real-world fieldwork - we offer programs in Administrative Services, Single Subject and Multiple Subject, Education Specialist, Mild Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) and Extensive Support Needs (ESN), and Intern Credentials.

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Community Equity Micro-Credential

The Community Equity Micro-Credential focuses on the intersection of community engagement and equity in preparing you to be an equity leader in your school or organization.

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Education Digital Badges

Our education digital badges are for mentor teachers to gain skills required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) or for anyone looking to increase exposure and knowledge around specific education topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion.

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