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Campus Safety

The health and safety of students, faculty and staff at Touro University is a top priority.

This page contains access to the policies and reporting procedures to ensure a healthy and safe campus environment.

Crime & Personal Safety

Touro University has several layers of protection to ensure campus safety is as high as possible.

Along with uniformed security personnel who patrol the campus, Touro has 10 Blue Light Emergency Phone towers located across campus. A map for these phone locations is listed here.

map showing talk a phone locations on the TUC campus

Touro also partners with Everbridge, an Emergency Notification System (ENS), to provide timely alerts and information about incidents, events or emergencies.

The Everbridge notification system is tested to ensure students, faculty and staff receive notifications in a timely, efficient manner.

While safety is our top priority, incidents do happen. It's important for students, faculty and staff to have access to information that will allow them to make appropriate safety decisions for themselves.

Find Vallejo crime report data from the Vallejo Police Department, sortable by date for easy review.

Review Recent Annual Security Reports

Annual Security Report 2022

Annual Security Report 2021

Annual Security Report 2020

Annual Security Report 2019

Report a Crime

You can fill out a form anonymously to report a crime.


The TUC Campus CARE Team is a task force of staff and faculty who meet regularly to promote student success and campus safety by identifying individuals who demonstrate early warning signs of possible concerning, distressing or disruptive behavior. The CARE Team’s goal is to successfully engage, support, and minimize concerns by intervening at the earliest possible point. Accomplishing this goal requires a coordinated institutional response that includes all members of the TUC community.

When to Report

Trust your instinct. If you see someone who is potentially in distress, report it.

CARE Team Reporting Form

Environmental Safety

Touro has protocols for sharps, bio-hazardous wastes, and other medical wastes.

These are managed and disposed of according to the Medical Waste Management Act set by DHS.

Find a full list and links to waste guides, plans and manuals.

Sexual Misconduct

Touro students, faculty and staff undergo training about expected appropriate behavior while on campus, while working or volunteering at off-site locations related to TUC activities.

You can find a registry of people convicted of sex offenses and crimes against children, as required by Megan's Law and related legislation.

Review Touro's Title IX grievance policy and sexual misconduct policy. Forms and procedures to file a complaint are within each policy.