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Being a student at Touro University California is about a lot more than mastering your studies. Becoming a leader means broadening your horizons outside the classroom as well.

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DR. SARAH SWEITZER, PROVOST AND CHIEF ACADEMIC OFFICER: My name is Dr. Sarah Sweitzer and I'm the Provost of Touro University California on behalf of our entire faculty staff and student body i want to welcome you to our amazing 44 acre campus please join me and a few of our students as we show you around our beautiful campus. Come on! We are located on the historic Mare Island naval shipyard on the banks of the Napa River in Vallejo, we're just a jump away from the San Francisco Bay. Our foundation is centered on social justice with outstanding interdisciplinary programs that demonstrate our commitment to serve, to lead, and to teach. We offer a variety of healthcare, public health, and education focused programs through our three colleges with faculty and staff dedicated and committed to your success. Visitors entering Touro through the south upper campus enjoy the splendor and history of Farragut Inn once known as the Officers Club, or the "O" Club, this historic building hosted the grandest of celebrations in the ballroom with beautiful views overlooking the Napa River. Today, Farragut Inn hosts classroom space for our one-of-a-kind dual Physician Assistant/Master of Public Health Program. This program is the only fully combined program in the nation. Farragut Inn is also home to our gourmet kosher dining hall. It is a popular spot for students looking to study or to catch up over a meal and it is where you'll find the offices for the Rabbi and yours truly the Provost and in keeping with tradition from our naval history we still host social and university events in the ballroom. A quick walk through our ballroom takes you to the most majestic view on the island it is the overlook of the Napa River and our beautiful grove amphitheater. This area hosts club day where students have the opportunity to share with others what makes their club special and generally serves as a large open area for any and all outdoor activities. It is not uncommon that during lunch time you'll find students out here in the grove and in the grassy areas surrounding Farragut Inn playing lawn games and just generally enjoying the sunshine.

YASAMAN LAJEVARDI, PA/MPH STUDENT, COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HEALTH SCIENCES: Hi my name is Yasaman Lajevardi a PA/MPH student in the College of Education and Health Sciences. Educational space in Wilderman Hall includes a simulated patient lab and objective structured clinical encounters labs both of which provide structured encounters with patients in a controlled setting. You'll also find the Graduate School of Education and faculty for the Nursing, Physician Assistant and Public Health programs. The largest room in Wilderman Hall also known as the great room is a large study space equipped with a number of different desk and chair settings for daytime or late night study sessions. Good health both for students and for the community plays a large role in who we are as a universit,y for current students the Student Health Center includes a licensed nurse practitioner as well as medical assistants who can help with non-urgent episodic illnesses, flu vaccines, immunizations and other similar services. Licensed professionals are also available to provide confidential counseling services. For our community the Metabolic Research Center conducts focused research on childhood and adult obesity issues including diabetes and the effect of diet on metabolism. Finally the Mobile Diabetes Education Center travels throughout Northern California with faculty and student volunteers to provide free diabetes education screening and coaching to members of the community who may not otherwise have access to these resources. In the evenings our Graduate School of Education and School of Nursing programs are in full swing while Sundays provide training for Teachers Administrators and Nurses.

SARAH AGUILAR-VREEBURG, PHARMD STUDENT, COLLEGE OF PHARMACY: I'm Sarah Aguilar-Vreeburg and i'm a PharmD student in the College of Pharmacy. The TUC library includes a great collection of printed reference materials together with a vast resource of material available electronically. The library is split into a quiet side and a silent side which allows us to exclusively focus and study in a setting that best suits our needs. Small study rooms may also be reserved for use. The library annex includes additional classroom and small study rooms as well as the pharmacy practice center where pharmacy students practice patient encounters in a real pharmacy setting.

ANGELA MARTEY, DO STUDENT, COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE: Hi my name is Angela, I'm a DO student in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Lander Hall named after Touro's founder Dr. Bernard Lander is the largest instructional space on campus and plays a host to educational and recreational activities for all university students. Educational spaces include the anatomy lab, osteopathic manipulative medicine lab, and ultrasound lab on one end with a pharmacy learning center on the other end. The building also includes bench research labs, four large lecture halls, and several study rooms. Do you want to grab a bite? Stop by Lander Hall's cafe. Need to heat up something you brought for lunch? Drop by the microwave room. Continuing our focus on health students are invited to take part in a number of different activities in the hand racquetball courts or the full-size gym. Finally from the white coat ceremonies to a variety of different presentations Lander Hall boasts an 800 seat auditorium complete with a full stage.

SARAH AGUILAR-VREEBURG, PHARMD STUDENT, COLLEGE OF PHARMACY: In addition to the grove amphitheater there are several outdoor spaces for us to enjoy and use as a way to recharge. The student quad located between the administration and faculty office buildings for the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the College of Pharmacy includes some covered outdoor seating and a large grassy area. Our meditation garden is a great space to visit and quietly listen to the sounds around you. If you need to work off some nervous energy you can visit our indoor or outdoor gyms. Both the meditation garden and the outdoor gym were actually created under the direction of our student body.

ANGELA MARTEY, DO STUDENT, COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE: Located just over a mile away from the main campus at 690 Walnut Avenue you'll find our student services suite including our Office of Admission, Student Inclusion and Diversity, Registration, Financial Aid, Bursar, Student Activities, and Academic Support Services. All services are provided and accessible online and students are also invited to set up virtual appointments as needed.

DR. SARAH SWEITZER, PROVOST AND CHIEF ACADEMIC OFFICER: Our mission at Touro University California is to serve, to lead, and to teach with a strong emphasis on social justice we embrace and encourage diversity in all aspects. Through curricular and student club activities our students are out there serving our communities addressing health and education equities. If this is your passion we invite you to join the Touro family. Submit your application today!

Get Involved

Graduate school can be quite challenging, but it can be fun and fulfilling, as well. Touro is home to several student groups and activities both on and off campus that make your time here as enjoyable and enriching as possible. From professional clubs that help expand networking to recreational clubs to help take some of the stress of student life away, there's something for everyone at Touro!

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) helps create an environment that is conducive to student leadership, self-discovery, and growth. We strive to create opportunities outside of the classroom for engagement with students, faculty, and staff.

Student Groups & Events

Find out what’s going on with our student groups by browsing groups and events. When you find something you’re interested in, be sure to sign up!

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Housing & Neighborhoods

Finding a safe, comfortable place to live while attending Touro is a priority for many students. TUC has resources to make your housing search as simple and stress-free as possible.


Through our "Marketplace" tab on Campus Groups, it is easy to find a range of housing options near the Touro campus, many of which are on Mare Island itself and within easy walking distance from the campus.

Marketplace has everything from rooms for rent to complete condos. Students can even post rooms wanted ads if they choose. The region immediately surrounding TUC is among the most affordable in the entire Bay Area, as well.

Safety can be a key factor when choosing a place to live. Find the latest, GIS-mapped crime reports.

Thrive in Class

Graduate school is a demanding academic environment. If you need a hand getting on top of your work, our Student Success Services office can help you craft a plan that leverages your strengths so you can succeed.

Stay Healthy

As a Touro University California student, you'll have access to healthcare when you need it. An on-campus clinic provides free care, and counseling professionals are available if you need somebody to talk to. And our meditation garden and indoor and outdoor gyms let you exercise your body and mind.

Dig In

Our on-campus dining halls adhere to kosher dining laws. But you don't have to keep kosher to love the food here: Our accomplished chef is a wizard at adapting favorite recipes to observe Jewish tradition.

Location, Location, Location

You’re going to be living in one of the most exciting regions of the country. You’re just a short drive from San Francisco, Oakland, wine country and a whole lot of excitement.

Everyone Belongs Here

Diversity enriches education through opportunities to experience a wide range of perspectives, values and worldviews that arise from differing life experiences. Inclusion creates a positive learning environment that views diversity as central to our success. At Touro, we’re proud to focus a learning environment where diversity, inclusion and social justice are at the forefront.

Stay Safe

The safety of students, faculty and staff at Touro University is a top priority. Visit our campus safety page to access to the policies and reporting procedures to ensure a healthy and safe campus environment.

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Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to ensuring your success in the areas of learning, leadership, service and innovation.

University Catalog

Review the latest version of the University catalog for information including mission, vision, registration policies, resources, grading, degrees, accreditation information, academic policies and program information.