woman in white coat doing a demonstration with a skeleton for a group of teens


Our Public Health faculty are on the forefront of understanding and innovation to help you meet your educational needs and guide you into a career of public service.

Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton, EdD, MA, BS

Dean, College of Education & Health SciencesAssociate Professor, Graduate School of Education
Farid G. Khalafalla

Farid G. Khalafalla, PhD

Associate Dean and Chief Academic Integrity Officer, College of Education & Health Sciences

Annette Aalborg, DrPH, MPH

Professor, Public HealthChair TUC Public Health Community Action and Advisory Council, Public Health

Carinne Brody, MPH, MA, DrPH

Associate Professor, Public HealthAssociate Program Director, Public Health

Sahai Burrowes, PhD, MALD

Associate Professor, Public Health

Gayle Cummings, PsyD, MPH

Assistant Dean, College of Education & Health SciencesProgram Director, Public HealthAssociate Professor, Public Health

Zahra Goliaei, MD, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Alexandra Hernandez, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Public Health
Kelly Nemesia

Nemesia Kelly, MPH

Associate Professor, Public HealthChair, Health Equity & Criminal Justice Concentration, Public Health

Trina Mackie, PhD, MSPH

Associate Professor, Public HealthChair Curriculum Committee, Public Health

Sharon O'Hara, DrPH, MPH, MS

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Carly Strouse, DrPH, MPH

Assistant Professor, Public Health
Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan, MSN, MPH

Associate Professor, Public Health

Deirdra Wilson, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Public HealthChair, Community Action for Health Concentration, Public Health