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Scholarship funds can be an effective way to bolster your financial aid package. Unlike loans, for example, most scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Touro California Scholarships

In addition to federal, state and private scholarships, Touro University California also offers its own scholarship opportunities:

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship:

    • Mosaic scholarships are awarded to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds as an investment in diversity and social justice values.

Learn more on the Mosaic page.

College of Pharmacy Scholarships:

    • Pharmily Scholarship
    • Pharmacy Transitions Scholarship
    • Pharmacy Innovation Scholarship
    • Presidential Scholarship

Learn more on the College of Pharmacy Scholarships page.

School of Nursing Scholarship:

    • NorthBay and Travis Credit Union Nursing Scholarship

Learn more on the School of Nursing Scholarships page.

Scholarship Databases

You may qualify for numerous different scholarship fund sources.

There are several databases available, so it is wise to apply for as many as you can to ensure your best opportunity:

Tips on searching databases

Most scholarship search engines are free. However, we suggest setting up a separate email account prior to searching because some "free" searches earn money by selling contact information.

To help prevent potential scholarship scams, read the advice here on spotting possible fraud.

TUC's helpful Financial Aid Office staff members are always available to assist you in finding ways to pay for your education via scholarships and more.