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Our LA Physician Assistant Program faculty are leaders in health and medicine and experts in the field.

Our professors offer support and guidance during your journey towards becoming a PA. Learn from their extensive experience and knowledge gained as physicians, PAs and other professionals in the medical field.

Joanne DePrisco

Joanne DePrisco, MS, PA-C

Program Director, PA (Los Angeles)Assistant Professor, PA (Los Angeles)
Lourdes G Bahamonde headshot

Lourdes G. Bahamonde, DO, MS

Medical Director, PA (Los Angeles)
Matthew Bahamonde Headshot

Matthew E. Bahamonde, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor, PA (Los Angeles)
Laura Juarez

Laura Juarez, MPAS, MPH, PA-C

Assistant Professor, PA (Los Angeles)
Katayoun Moini headshot

Katyoun Moini, MHS, RD, PA-C

Assistant Professor, PA (Los Angeles)
Ramsey Irizarry

Charity Ramsey Irizarry, MCMSc, PA-C

Assistant Professor, PA (Los Angeles)
Laura Record headshot

Laura Record, BS, BHS, PA-C

Assistant Professor, PA (Los Angeles)
Joseph Tommasino

Joseph F. Faiella-Tommasino, PhD, PA-C

Vice President of PA Program Development and OperationsChairman of Physician Assistant Programs Northeast Division
image of Mary Flanagan

Mary Flanagan-Kundle, DPA, PA-C

Co-Chair, Physician Assistant ProgramsChair of Assessment and Remediation, Physician Assistant Long IslandAssociate Professor, Physician Assistant
Joseph Daleo, PA-C, MPAS

Joseph Daleo, DPA, PA-C

Director of Clinical Operations, Physician Assistant ProgramsAssistant Professor, Physician Assistant Middletown

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