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Self Assessment

Thank you for your interest in our joint MSPAS/MPH Program. Our program receives many more applications than available seats, making it very competitive.

We cannot  provide specific feedback regarding what you should do to improve your chances, but since we understand the value of feedback, we have developed the following assessment questionnaire, designed to assist you with your application to our program.

Though acceptance to this or any PA program cannot be guaranteed, answering these questions in an honest manner, then applying the answers to your CASPA application and interview (if applicable) will increase the odds that you will ultimately be accepted. We wish you success!

Applicant Self-Assessment Questionnaire

  • Did I read and follow the CASPA application instructions, including, but not limited to, the correct listing of my various experiences, both volunteer and paid?
  • Did I fully answer the supplemental essay questions asked within the CASPA application, citing relevant experiences within my background which supported my answers?
  • Do I match the stated mission of the Program?
    • How is this demonstrated in my application materials? (work experience, volunteer experience, life experience)
  • Have I reviewed the demographics for the most recent entering class?
    • How am I the same or different?
    • Based on this information, am I a good “fit”?
    • What specific things can I do to strengthen my application to more closely meet the current demographics?
  • Am I familiar with the role of a PA?
    • Do I have an understanding of the role of a PA in different settings and specialties?
    • Are all my experiences with PA's in one specialty or setting?
    • How did I demonstrate my understanding of the role of a PA?
      • In my application materials?
      • During my interview?
  • Am I a team player?
    • How did I demonstrate this in my application materials?
    • Was I able to demonstrate this on the day of my interview?
  • How do my patient care hours and experiences compare to the current class?
  • Are the hours in primary care or other specialties?
  • What is my non-medical community service?
  • Did I include all of my relevant experiences in my application?
  • If applicable, how did my interview go?
    • What would I do the same?
    • What would I do differently?
  • Would I benefit from taking a writing course or public speaking class?
  • Would I benefit from revising my essays or practicing in mock interviews?
  • How did others perceive me?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
    • Was I able to articulate them in my application and/or during my interview?

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