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Annual Attrition Rates

We know you want to understand everything you can about a degree program before you apply and enter.

That's why we're happy to include our annual attrition rate information.

Calculating Our Attrition Rate

*Attrition rate calculation: Number of students who attritted from cohort divided by the entering class size.

**Graduation rate: Number of cohort graduates divided by the entering class size.

The entering class size is greater in each case than the Maximum entering class size due to inclusion of returning students from a previous cohort.

Program Attrition

Attrition Table 8-2023

Graduated Classes Class of 2021 Class of 2022 Class of 2023
Maximum Entering Class Size 48 48 48
Entering Class Size 48 50 50
Graduates 46 45 44
Attrition Rate 4 10 12
Graduation Rate 96 90 88