Social Justice Series: Session 6

December 7, 2023 5:00pm – 7:00pm PT
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12/7/23 8:00 PM 12/7/23 10:00 PM Social Justice Series: Session 6 Social Justice Series: Session 6

Topic: Technology as an Accelerant

Synopsis: An examination of the social and racial implications of artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms and their impact on health equity and criminal justice.

Speaker: Steven Renderos

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Steven Renderos

Steven Renderos is Executive Director of MediaJustice, a national racial justice organization that advances media and technology rights of people of color. Steven has led campaigns with MediaJustice that lowered the cost of prison phone calls, secured net neutrality rules, and got Donald Trump kicked off of Twitter. Steven is a regular commentator on media, technology, and racial justice, appearing in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and The Guardian. He was a 2013 Rainbow PUSH Coalition Top Inspirational and Engaged Leader and a 2020 Rockwood Leadership Institute Fellow. In 2020 Steven was an advisor for Just Futures Law’s Take Back Tech Fellowship, and serves on the board of Americans for Financial Reform.

Our annual lecture series is given by experts in the field of public policy, public health and social justice to help our students and community understand the upstream root causes, implications, opportunities and solutions of social determinants of health. Learn more about our upcoming Social Justice Series Sessions.