Giving At Touro

In Service of Knowledge, Compassion, and Social Justice.

We are dedicated to enriching the lives of all people, regardless of creed or color, through educational opportunities, spiritual outreach, and vocational enterprise. This philosophy of giving lives throughout our whole campus, where students and faculty combine individual development with a focus on the greater good.

Why Giving Matters

Touro University California is a nonprofit university responsible for its funding. Tuition and fees provide much of the funding needed to educate our students. Still, the rest is made up of tax-deductible gifts given to us by the parents, grandparents, students, alumni, and other friends of Touro California.

It is through your generous support that Touro California can attract and retain talented students and faculty, fund groundbreaking research, and renovate our historic campus. The individuals who believe in our mission help our students with much-needed scholarships. Whatever your reason for giving, we at Touro University California are fortunate to have your support.

For Our Students

Funding scholarships for students is the single greatest area of need for your support. The ever-increasing costs of higher education are preventing promising applicants from seeking careers in health care and education, and those who do are left with decades of student loan repayments. Learn more about Supporting Student Scholarships.

For Our Faculty

Providing a superb education for our students requires Touro California to attract and maintain the finest of the nation’s educators. Our highly credentialed faculty members bring both real-world experiences and a true love of teaching to the classroom. Your support helps us to empower our faculty and researchers to continue their professional and personal development. It also allows us to continue to attract and retain outstanding faculty. Learn more about Supporting Faculty Initiatives.

For Our Research

Touro University California has made a commitment to ensure a strong and comprehensive research program on campus. Touro California provides external collaborations with a robust interdisciplinary approach and a focus on research specifically designed to improve health outcomes and chronic diseases. Your gift will help our researchers to explore new scientific frontiers and give our students invaluable real-world experience. Learn more about Supporting Research Priorities.

For Our Community

Touro University California is committed to supporting the community in which we live and work. Your gift increases our ability to reach out to those in need around us. For example, our joint partnership with Solano County Public Health has served to bring high-quality, cost-effective care to Health and Social Services patients by placing specialized Touro medical staff and students in county clinics. Learn more about Supporting Community Betterment.

For Our Campus

Touro University California is honored to be located at the site of the first permanent installation for the United States Navy on the West Coast. In the same buildings that taught and trained our servicemen and servicewomen, we continue a tradition of providing quality education by teaching our future educators and healthcare providers. Our buildings have seen more than 150 years of change and with your help we will restore and continue to renovate these historical buildings, improving upon the quality of instruction in a modernized learning environment. Learn more about Supporting Campus Modernization.

More Ways to Give

Every gift makes a significant difference. Your gift can be made with cash, personal checks, cashiers’ checks, money orders, or by credit card. To maximize your gift, many employers offer their employees the opportunity to match their contributions. Planned giving in the form of appreciated securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds) giving you immediate tax benefits, beneficiary designations, charitable remainder trusts, and endowed gifts can be an excellent option as well.

Give by Mail

If you wish to send your gift by check, money order, or cashier's check, please send your gift (with a note with any instructions, as needed) to:

Touro University California
Office of Institutional Advancement
1310 Club Drive
Vallejo, CA 94592

Non-cash Donations

Endowments and Estate Gifts provide Touro with the funds needed for sustainment or growth for years to come. Non-cash Donations, or gifts-in-kind, can include tangible assets such as real estate, equipment, furniture, artwork, personal collections, wine, and more.

To discuss giving options, contact the Advancement Office by phone at 707-638-5272 or email at