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Alumni Association

You are the face of Touro.

You are why we are here. We need you. We value YOU.

About The Association

The Touro California Alumni Association, continually represents our alma mater; the educational opportunities it offers, the faculty it includes, the facilities Touro possess and the current students being readied to make a difference in the world. The Association provides opportunities for Alumni to remain engaged with and give back to the community.

Alumni Board Members



Jennifer L. Himmel Salch, DO 2002

Vice President

Maureen McGhee, MSPAS/MPH 2008


Josie A. Hunt, MSPAS/MPH 2012


Brenda Mitchell, MA.Ed. 2015


Jeanette Blanks, MSN 2022, FNP 2023

Monica Donnelley, PharmD 2010

Jennifer Pimentel, MA.Ed. 2015

Brigitte Ouabo, PharmD 2016

Maria B. Thomas, DO 2010

Ryan Wilson, MSPAS/MPH 2013

Sky Jennifer Wolf, DO 2008

Clipper Young, PharmD 2013


Tami Hendriksz, Interim Chief Academic Officer, DO 2006

Andrea Garcia, Vice President of Advancement

Glen Faison, Alumni Engagement Director

Trevor Chan-Sevilla, Student Government Vice President-Alumni, DO candidate 2027

Join The Association

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Association and/or in becoming an Alumni Board Member please reach out to our Alumni Engagement Director.

Glen A. Faison
Alumni Engagement Director