Leadership Spotlight: Drs. Cummings and Norton

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2024 with Featured Leaders Across Campus

March 20, 2024
Headshots of Drs. Cummings and Norton for Women\'s History Month
(left to right: Dr. Cummings, Dr. Norton)

Touro University California has many remarkable women in leadership roles, each with their own role models that inspired them.

To celebrate the month, we feature profiles to celebrate the diversity and strength of women at TUC to enrich our understanding of the past but also inspire us to carve out a more inclusive and empowered future.


Gayle Cummings, PsyD, MPH

Assistant Dean and Public Health Program Director

How long have you been at Touro?  18 years

Why do you feel it is it important to have women leaders on campus?

TUC is incredibly lucky to have a strong representation of women in leadership positions. Women leaders bring a unique perspective that prioritizes work-life balance, inclusivity, mentorship, and relationship-building. These qualities cultivate a supportive and nurturing work environment, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the university.

What are your thoughts on Women's History Month?

Women's History Month is significant as it not only honors the vital contributions of women but also serves as an important reminder of the ongoing necessity for equity across all facets of society. It serves as a call to action, highlighting that there is still much progress to be made.

Name a woman you consider a hero and why.

I wholeheartedly regard my mom as a hero. Beyond being a loving mother, she championed education, equity, and advocacy for justice and important causes. Her appreciation for arts, travel, and the balance between work and leisure added a vibrant and fulfilling dimension to her life. She truly embodied the essence of enjoying life to the fullest.


Lisa May Norton, EdD, MA, BS

Dean College of Education and Health Sciences; Director Strategic Academic Partnerships

How long have you been at Touro?  8 years

Why do you feel it is it important to have women leaders on campus?

I think leaders who identify as women bring a diversity of thought and experiences to the workplace. I think it is always important to point to data and research as to the "why." According to an article in Forbes Magazine as to why the world needs more women in leadership (September 12, 2022) women excel at being more community driven, collaborative, trust building and for ethical decision making. And of course, since over half of the world is populated by women.... well, there is that as well. Women can empathize and support the needs of other women because we truly understand the challenges.

What are your thoughts on Women's History Month?

I teach culturally affirming teaching to educators and as I say in class, we should celebrate all our diversity all year long. Essentially ensuring we create safe and affirming spaces for the diversity of our campuses and classrooms. Women's History Month gives us the opportunity to highlight women from whatever place they lead and ensure our voices are elevated and celebrated. Women are an extremely diverse group in and among ourselves, so very important to recognize this diversity and marginalized voices.

Name a woman you consider a hero and why.

My Grandmother Dorothy Mae and my Mother Nancy Mae who I am named after- Lisa May (born in month of May, so I am unique:). We are all the products of our ancestors before us. I conduct feminist research so my two sheroes in the theoretical world are Gloria Anzaldua and Rosi Braidotti. If you have not heard of them, please take a moment to honor these phenomenal women this month.


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