diverse group of TUC students

Justice. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

At TUC, we are committed to working to dismantle institutional racism and creating a safe educational and working environment on our campus.


infographic showing the six areas of focus for the Jedi council: Programming, Alumni, Student Recruitments & Retention, Curriculum, Staff/Faculty Recruitments & Retention, Campus Climate

The first Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Council was appointed by the Provost in August 2020.

This Council initiated its first monthly meeting October 29, 2020. The Council was and is comprised of members representing all academic and student service departments. Members serve as a specific body that listens and validates all perspectives on the campus through educated conversations, transparent humility and actionable items that foster a community of diversity and inclusion.

Over time, JEDI subcommittees were formed in six areas of focus. The Chair of each leads efforts in their respective areas. Campus community members are continuously invited to participate in these committees.

Listening Sessions

The JEDI council conducts “listening sessions” to understand perspectives and needs among students, staff and faculty.

Progress and Evaluation Reports

The JEDI Council is committed to providing an annual JEDI progress and evaluation report of the TUC JEDI goals and initiatives; regular updates as part of the Provost campus communications; and will explore prospects to develop a physical space for a Center for Diversity and Inclusion on the TUC Campus as part of the university’s strategic plan.