Social Justice Series: Impacts of Technology on Health Equity and Social Justice Free Online Zoom Sessions

Touro University California’s Social Justice in Public Health Series returns this year with sessions focused on the Impacts of Technology on Health Equity and Social Justice.

August 30, 2023
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All are invited to join via zoom as we examine the current technology within the context of social justice and health equity; and explore existing challenges and solutions, including how it can be utilized as a tool to empower marginalized communities, increase access to resources, and challenge existing power structures.

The series kicks off with Keynote Speaker Dr. Ruha Benjamin, Alexander Stewart Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, founding director of the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab, and author of the award-winning books Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code (2019) and Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want (2022).

  • Session 1: September 14, 2023 – New Jim Code? Innovation, Imagination, and Inequity in the Digital Age
    Ruha Benjamin, PhD
    A groundbreaking analysis on race, technology and social justice, focusing on big structural changes necessary for heath equity.
  • Session 2: September 21, 2023 – Technology, Environmental Justice and the Built Environment
    Molly Turner, MA
    A conversation on urban policy and tech issues: Strategies for health equity centered around technology’s impacts on urban life, governance, and the built environment.
  • Session 3: October 5, 2023 – Innovation: Implications for Racial and Criminal Justice
    Steven Renderos
    An examination of the social and racial implications of artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms and their impact on health equity and criminal justice.
  • Session 4: October 19, 2023 – The Digital Divide as a Social Determinant of Health
    Maya Wiley, JD
    A discussion on the digital divide as a social determinant of health and models for expanding affordable broadband access to advance civil and human rights and gender equity.
  • Session 5: November 2, 2023 - Big Data and Medicine
    Dr. Sergio Litewka, MD, MPH and Terika McCall, PhD
    A conversation on the social significance and impacts of big data, artificial intelligence and policy on health equity and social justice: Implication and tools for support health ethics and mental health.
  • Session 6: November 16, 2023 - Techno-solutions that Drive Health Equity and Social Justice
    Caroline Franz, MBA
    A discussion on increasing digital equity and inclusion in healthcare by through a systematic approach.

All sessions will begin on the listed dates at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

For more information and to register: 

Digital Badges, Continuing Medical Education, and National Board of Public Health Examiners credits available.