Public Health Course Addresses Systemic Bias

Course tackles health disparities arising from the criminal justice system for non-profit workers, healthcare professionals, and leaders.

January 04, 2024
A doctor and a nurse look into a computer screen in a clinic or hospital

A new online course at Touro University California, The Health Equity and Criminal Justice Program explores topics at the intersection between public health and the criminal justice system.

The curriculum aims to equip professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills crucial for navigating the complexities of health equity in marginalized communities. It is the only public health program in the nation with this concentration.

Recognizing the diverse needs of professionals, the program offers flexible options. Participants can tailor their learning experience, completing the micro-credential (a digital certificate of completion) within two or three consecutive terms, allowing them to balance their educational pursuits with their professional commitments.

“The idea with micro-credentials programs is that people get the chance to dip their toe into the degree,” says Dr. Carinne Brody, Associate Program Director of Public Health Programs. “It's a bite size way to explore something that you might have a real passion for, and its lower commitment while you're still figuring out what your path is. This is one of the reasons we have leaned into the micro-credential.”

Graduates are equipped with a nuanced understanding of how the criminal justice system intersects with public health. With this knowledge, they are prepared to navigate complex policy landscapes, mobilize community partnerships, and effectuate meaningful change.

Comprising of three online courses, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics. From examining the impacts of incarceration on families and communities to understanding constitutional law in the context of public health, the program is designed to foster a 360 understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

One of the program's core objectives is to empower individuals across various sectors. Whether they are already entrenched in the non-profit sector, healthcare, or hold leadership roles within health systems, the micro-credential seeks to hone their abilities to identify systemic issues, advocate for policy change, and implement transformative solutions.

Touro University's Health Equity & Criminal Justice Micro-Credential is not just a learning experience; it's a catalyst for change. It aims to produce a cadre of leaders capable of spearheading initiatives and interventions that address the detrimental effects of the legal system on community health, serving as beacons of transformation in the realm of health equity.