Student Physician Assistant Shares Her Thoughts For PA Week

Darrah Rosin tells what PA offers her, patients, and the healthcare industry

October 04, 2022
Darrah Rosin headshot
PA student Darrah Rosin

In celebration of PA Week, Touro University California asked one of our student physician assistants to explain what the PA profession has to offer her, to the healthcare industry and patients.

Here’s what Darrah Rosin, MSPAS/MPH candidate had to say:

What attracted you to PA studies – and more specifically, to TUC?

I have always been interested in how the study of medicine is much like solving the beautiful puzzles of the human body itself. I was drawn to the PA profession specifically because it gives me a platform to be a personable and trusted sound board for patients who need to make decisions about their healthcare. In addition, I am consistently excited about the ability to select and shift specialties throughout my career as a PA. I was immediately drawn to TUC after interacting with the faculty during my interview. The faculty are extremely dedicated to each student’s success and have created a program and environment that is built around challenge and growth for us as professionals and as people. The main reason I applied to TUC was due to my interest in achieving an additional Master’s of Public Health. Through the dual degree program, I have learned to assess each patient’s situation with a multifaceted lens and am very grateful as I believe it makes me a better provider for my patients. 

What (if anything at this point) are you hoping to do career-wise upon graduation?

At this point I am still very open-minded as to what career I will pursue upon graduation. I do know that I would love to stay in California and help future and current PA students with the journey to become successful PAs.

What do you think PAs have to offer the healthcare industry overall AND if someone wants to be in healthcare but not sure what path to choose, why is PA a great option?

I think PAs can offer the highest quality comprehensive care to their patients and can fill the gaps within the healthcare industry to ensure all patients receive care in a timely manner. Moreover, PA is a great option because you have the flexibility to experience various aspects of the healthcare system including inpatient, outpatient, emergency care, and community health among others. PAs work as a team and continue to learn and grow throughout their career while being able to maintain a work-life balance.


PA Week continues this year from Oct. 6 through Oct. 12. Join us in celebrating everything these amazing, versatile healthcare professionals do.