New CEHS Assistant Dean

Dr. Joy Moverley Named CEHS's Assistant Dean

November 10, 2021
Dr. Joy Moverley
Dr. Joy Moverley

Touro University California is pleased to announce Dr. Joy Moverley has been promoted to Assistant Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences (CEHS) and Director of the Joint Physician Assistant/Master of Public Health program.

Dr. Moverley’s roots at the University run deep, having helped lead the Physician Assistant program at Touro for the past four years as Associate Program Director, a program where she was once herself a student.

As a student, she helped establish the now very popular Student-Run Free Clinic, and today, as a diabetes researcher, she is often very hands on with Touro’s Mobile Diabetes Education and Resources, MOBEC.

Dr. Moverley’s leadership skills were bolstered in part by her experience as an Army veteran, having served in the Middle East supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

“I am so excited to represent the PA program as Director and Assistant Dean to the CEHS,” Dr. Moverley said. “I am committed to being a student centric leader with a focus on developing future PAs who believe in social justice and public health to provide excellent care in medically underserved areas.”

CEHS Dean Dr. Lisa Norton praised the choice of Dr. Moverley in this new position.

“Joy has an innovative vision to support the very successful MSPAS/MPH program into the future, as well as serve as a CEHS and TUC lead,” Dr. Norton said.

“It’s a real credit to the environment of learning on our campus that we can attract former students like Dr. Moverley back to our campus to share her experience and knowledge with our current students,” said Dr. Sarah Sweitzer, Provost and Chief Academic Officer for Touro University California. “Dr. Moverley is not only an exceptional educator, having been literally in the shoes of her students, she knows exactly what they are going through and how best to connect with them in a way that is beneficial to their overall education.”

Physician Assistant graduates help increase access to quality healthcare for underserved, rural and other communities where these services may be lacking, often serving in primary care and a range of other specialties.