2023 Mosaic Gala Shines a Spotlight on Diversity and Raises Funds for Diversity Scholarships

Mosaic scholarship has awarded a total of $720,810 to 130 students

August 30, 2023
Seven people dressed up at a party standing and smiling
(left to right): VP Newman Hoffman, Honorable Shelley Berkley, Dr. Tami Hendriksz, Ms. Connie Kadish, Dr. Alan Kadish, Senator Susan Talamantes-Eggman, Supervisor Erin Hannigan

The annual Mosaic Gala celebration drew over 200 attendees and brought together supporters from far and wide, including notable leaders and community members. The event is the primary fundraiser for the Mosaic scholarship, which to date has awarded a total of $720,810 to 130 students.

At the gala, Dr. Alan Kadish, President of the Touro University System, emphasized the importance of community connections, and the forging of meaningful connections that drives positive transformation. At the heart of this year's event was the inspiring keynote speaker, Senator Susan Talamantes-Eggman (District 5), whose words reverberated with the audience.

“If you invest in diversity, you give students the sense that you are investing in them, then they go out and invest in others in their community,” says Talamantes-Eggman.

Talamantes-Eggman encourages everyone to view themselves as a unique mosaic, composed of varied experiences and identities, and use themselves as an example. Her military service as a medic in the U.S. Army was followed by academic accomplishments such as earning a Ph.D. at Portland State University. Eggman’s commitment to her community led her to become the first Latina elected to the Stockton City Council. She was elected to the State Senate in 2020 after serving in the State Assembly from 2012 to 2020. Her empowering message underscored the beauty of embracing one's distinctiveness while appreciating the rich tapestry of humanity that surrounds us.

“What Touro recognizes is that diversity is vital to solving complex societal challenges,” says California State Assemblymember Lori Wilson (District 11). “Your vision focuses on cultivating a culture of inclusion that goes beyond compositional diversity and this scholarship program demonstrates a commitment to fostering not only demographic shifts, but also shifts in thinking and practice.”

Darryl Curry, Senior Vice President of Kaiser Permanente, presented the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson Scholarship to Student Doctor Rishikesh Prem Menon. This scholarship, a testament to the commitment of both the institution and the recipient, exemplified the potential that can be unlocked when diverse talents are nurtured and as a reminder that investing in diversity pays dividends not only for the individual but for the entire community.

Solano County Board of Supervisors Erin Hannigan was honored with the Mosaic Achievement Award. Supervisor Hannigan's dedication to inclusivity, social justice, and the promotion of unity within Solano County stood as a beacon of progress.

As the event concluded, its resounding success was evident. The Mosaic Gala had not only raised significant funds but had also created an environment for connections, learning, and shared experiences. The metaphor of a mosaic, championed by Senator Talamantes-Eggman, encapsulated the essence of the evening – the coming together of diverse elements to create something extraordinary.