David Evans, BSC, PhD

Professor, College of Pharmacy

Areas of Expertise

Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences


I have always been interested in the pathogenesis of infections from microbial toxins to virulence strategies that microbes use when encountering the host. Along with those interests came an understanding and appreciation for host immunity ranging from constitutive defenses to adaptive responses. My research involvement in studying the pathogenesis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa corneal infections is well aligned with those interests and studying specifics of contact lens-related corneal infection by P. aeruginosa has helped shed light on broader aspects of bacterial virulence and host immunity. The cornea is an ideal model for investigating bacterial-host interactions. My research in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Fleiszig at the School of Optometry, University of California Berkeley, has focused on both sides of those interactions; 1) the role of bacterial virulence mechanisms in finding a way for bacteria to survive/adapt, colonize the corneal epithelium, invade and traverse epithelial barriers, and avoid phagocytosis by immune cells, and 2) the nature of corneal defenses that make it an inhospitable mucosal surface for microbial survival, colonization and virulence. The latter includes numerous studies of role of tear fluid in protecting the ocular surface, the role of epithelial barrier integrity and epithelial-derived antimicrobials in defending the cornea, and the role of resident and infiltrating immune cells in maintaining corneal barrier function.


  • BSc [Pharmacy] and PhD. University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Recent Publications

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