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The Touro University California Faculty Senate is a vital organization of over 100 members.

The Senate plays a significant role in the governance of the University by establishing faculty and educational standards, involvement in faculty contracts and salaries, rank and promotion of faculty, participation in long-range planning and development, and serving as the link between faculty and administration.

A Brief History

The first meeting of the Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine Faculty Organization took place December 4, 1998 in San Francisco.

Those attending included, Drs. James Binkerd, Robert Clark, David Evans, Alejandro Gugliucci, Walter Hartwig, Barbara Inward, Linda Larson-Pryor, Paula Maas, Mary Mazzotta, Alan Miller, and Terry Miller.

Dr. Linda Larson-Pryor was Interim Chair.

The first order of business was to define a constitution and to review the draft of the faculty handbook.

The organization’s name was changed to Faculty Senate in the spring of 1999 shortly before the University’s move to Mare Island. The first Faculty Senate meeting held on Mare Island was August 11, 1999 with 16 members in attendance.

As the University grew to three separate colleges, the name was changed to the Touro University California Faculty Senate.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee


Gordon McCarter, Ph.D.

Vice Chair
Gail Feinberg, D.O.

David Malewski, Ph.D. Pharm.D.

Theo Smith, Ph.D.

Darcie Larimore-Arenas, PA-C, MSPAS, MPH

Past Chair
Tamara Trujillo, MA, MLS

Faculty Senate Committees

  • Executive Committee
  • Faculty Benefits and Retention Committee
  • Faculty Grievance Committee
  • Faculty Technology Advisory Committee (FTAC)
  • Library Committee
  • Rank and Promotion Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Sabbatical Committee

Joint Faculty Senate/University Shared Committees

  • Program Review Committee
  • Interprofessional Education Committee (IPE)