Excitement During 2022 Match Day

A celebration of achievement for four years spent in medical school

March 18, 2022
Excitement During Match Day

Given the time of year, it might be appropriate to call it Match Madness. Soon-to-be-graduating medical students from Touro University California learned where they will spend their residencies, March 18, during an online celebration with friends, family and Touro faculty and staff.

One of the biggest events each year for Touro’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, Match Day, is the celebration of achievement for four years spent in medical school.

“In just a few short months, you will go from being my students to being my colleagues,” Dr. Tami Hendriksz, TUCOM Dean told the Match Day participants.

As with the ‘Madness’ college basketball tournament, there is great elation in seeing hard work and sacrifice pay off with a great thrill. Not every student matches with their top choice, but thinking of that as an ‘upset’ isn’t the right mindset, Dr. Hendriksz explained.

“What’s important is you’re wanted,” she said. “Wherever you go, they [the residency program] are so excited to have you as part of their team.”

Dr. Walter Hartwig, who oversees the coordination of Match Day, noted how exciting the event is each year not just for the students but for the faculty and alumni.

“I know where everyone matched and my heart is still racing,” he said. “I’m seeing so many faces of people that are so right for what they’re about to do.”

This particular class of student doctors overcame a lot of obstacles, including completing both years of their clinical rotations in the middle of a global pandemic. The support of friends and family was paramount to their ultimate success, said Dr. K. Scott Whitlow, Associate Dean of Clinical Education.

“You [family and friends] have all been so supportive of our soon-to-be colleagues,” Dr. Whitlow said. “You [students] overcame all of these obstacles in your way.”

After some opening remarks, students one-by-one announced where they matched for their residencies, continuing a strong tradition for TUCOM matches.

Touro student-doctors matched across the country, from New York, Washington, Florida and elsewhere, as well as maintained a strong presence on the West Coast, with 67% of matches coming in Hawaii and West Coast states, the largest percentage in school history.

Touro also remained strong among osteopathic medical schools, matching at or above the national rate in 14 of the 17 medical disciplines. TUCOM also graduated eight doctors into military medicine and national service, a fitting note given Touro’s location on a former Navy base.

TUCOM is among the national leaders in matching with primary care, with 60% of students matching primary care disciplines. Secondarily, Touro remained strong in serving California, with the largest and most diverse class in its history to remain in California – 59% of matches in 13 different disciplines.

“We’re living our mission,” Dr. Hartwig explained of the numbers.

The Class of 2022 will bring the tally of physician alumni from TUCOM to more than 2,800.