Student Doctors Jennifer S. Addleman and Amrit S. Banga Awarded Scholarships

Two Touro Student Doctors Awarded Scholarships by American Osteopathic Foundation at the 2023 Honors Gala

October 25, 2023
Finalists for the Golden Ticket Scholarship at the AOF Gala
Finalists for the Golden Ticket Scholarship at the AOF Gala, with Touro student doctor Jennifer Addleman in the center

Two Touro students won scholarships at the 2023 Osteopathic Medical Education Conference (OMED), the largest gathering of osteopathic physicians and students. At an awards gala, hosted by the American Osteopathic Foundation, Jennifer Addleman and Amrit Banga were honored.

Jennifer S. Addleman, CSCS, OMS-III Finalist for Golden Ticket Scholarship

Jennifer Addleman, a third-year medical student at Touro University California (TUC), was recently honored with the Golden Ticket finalist scholarship from the American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF). This prestigious award provides $5000 towards medical school costs and recognizes students who have overcome financial difficulties while pursuing their medical education.

Addleman’s journey to medicine began when a back injury ended her softball career at the age of 15. Working with physical therapists sparked her interest in functional movement and biomechanics. She went on to study physiology at UC Davis while working for a physical therapist. Her background in sports medicine led her to choose Touro for its osteopathic focus.

At TUC, Addleman helped expand the Sports Medicine Club's community outreach by organizing events where students provide osteopathic treatments at races. She is passionate about bringing together her knowledge of physical therapy, strength training, and osteopathic manipulative medicine. Jennifer plans to become a sports medicine physician.

Addleman was one of only five finalists selected from osteopathic schools nationwide for the Golden Ticket Scholarship. She is thankful for the mentors and support that made this honor possible. Jennifer encourages students to get involved in the community now to practice the patient care skills they'll need as future physicians. Her award recognizes her hard work and perseverance in pursuing her dream career in medicine.



Amrit S. Banga, MS, OMS-II Awarded Sterling Welch Grant

Amrit Banga, a third-year medical student at TUC, was recently awarded the Sterling Welch Grant from the AOF. This grant provides funding for students with financial need who are pursuing an osteopathic medical education.

Banga’s interest in osteopathic medicine developed through learning about its holistic approach to treating patients. He was drawn to TUC’s osteopathic focus and its location near his hometown of Sacramento. Banga also has several cousins who attended Touro's various health sciences programs.

At TUC, Banga has been an active volunteer with Project HAPPY, a youth mentoring program, and the student-run free clinic providing medical services to the community. He is a coordinator for Touro's syringe exchange program, which offers harm reduction services. Banga enjoys engaging with the local Vallejo community through these service opportunities.

Banga plans to pursue a career in internal medicine. He appreciates the long-term doctor-patient relationships and continuity of care in this specialty. Banga values how TUC focuses on the whole patient and uses osteopathic manipulative techniques to treat medical issues.

For incoming TUC students, Banga advises being open to forming connections. He highlights the receptive faculty and student representatives available to help new students adjust. Banga is thankful for the Sterling Welch Grant supporting his osteopathic medical education journey.