Tip of the Week: Patient-Centered Communication Fuels Trust

Pharmacy Times
Sina Hosseini, PharmD Candidate; Shane Desselle, RPh, PhD, FAPhA
March 23, 2022

If the pharmacy profession is to embrace an expansion in pharmacists’ roles and duties, then we must acknowledge that pharmacists are in a unique position to impact patients’ health care outcomes in positive and meaningful ways. To fulfill their professional and ethical duties and responsibilities, pharmacists need to adopt patient-centered communication that enables patients to become more careful stewards of their own health outcomes.

Patient-centered communication facilitates a mutual understanding between patients and health care providers and incorporates patients’ concerns, ideas, and abilities when developing a treatment plan.1 A few tools have been developed to gauge and teach patient-centered communication in health and medical care. The Calgary-Cambridge guide is widely used to teach medical students the process of medical interviews.1

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