Tip of the Week: Organizational Culture is Essential to a Successful Pharmacy

Pharmacy Times
By Sina Hosseini, PharmD Candidate; Shane P. Desselle, PhD, RPh, FAPhA
December 30, 2021

Traveling to a faraway country and observing significant cultural differences can be an awe-inspiring experience. Upon further contemplation and reflection, it becomes apparent that even small cultural differences can lead to noteworthy changes in how a society functions. But how about an organization? Whether at an organizational or societal level, culture is an overarching and encompassing blanket that defines and affects behaviors and outcomes.

Rosenthal and Holmes assessed the relationship between the professional culture of community pharmacies and the implementation of MTM services.1 This study, which employed a nationwide sample of pharmacies responding to a survey, demonstrated a significant relationship between the provision of MTM services (immunizations, medication therapy reviews, disease management, etc.) and 6 organizational culture factors: social responsibility, innovation, people orientation, competitiveness, attention to detail, and reward orientation.

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