Tip of the Week: Trust in Pharmacists Is Key to Customer Loyalty

Pharmacy Times
By Sina Hosseini, PharmD Candidate, Shane P. Desselle, PhD, RPh, FAPhA
December 22, 2021

While pharmacy continues to evolve into more patient-centric practice, we should not lose sight of the fact that pharmacy is a business, as is the case with medicine and other health professions. If the pharmacy is forced to close due to poor management, then it will obviously never again offer patient-centric services.

Paying close attention to the pharmacy’s operational and financial success does not have to come at the expense of quality patient care. In fact, the best pharmacists are those who understand how to meld business and clinical aspects of practice. Successful business hinges upon customer and patient loyalty. In simple terms, loyalty refers to a series of actions that promote customers’ intentions to have a relationship with a given business. Loyalty transcends patronage and encompasses the desire to engage with that store (or even that person, like a technician or pharmacist), spread positive word of mouth, and continue visiting that store even if one particular encounter or transaction is less than optimal or if a competitor offers a good or service at a discounted price. As such, customer loyalty is borne not from mere satisfaction, but from extreme satisfaction and positive confirmation of expectations.

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