Tip of the Week: Improving Efficiency Benefits Everyone

Pharmacy Times
By Valerie Wasem, Shane P. Desselle, PhD, FAPhA
December 1, 2021

Effective time management is a challenge for most people, but it may be particularly difficult for community pharmacists. Pharmacists in the community setting have the added pressure of ensuring patient safety while multitasking between prescription verification, managing staff members, and patient consultations. Burnout, increased workload, and enhanced responsibilities despite the lack of time and resources are issues that face many pharmacists.

Although pharmacists may be busy during seemingly every moment of the day, it is important to realize that there are opportunities where time can be saved. Efficiently utilizing the hours in the workday and recognizing downtime can be huge assets in promoting productivity and enhancing pharmacy workplace performance. Reflecting on the essential tasks that need to be performed and optimizing the efficiency of nonessential duties are keys to identifying areas that can be improved to maximize the potential of the workday.

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