A Moment of Reflection

Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of California
By Dylan C. Loquist, MS, OMSI
November 16, 2021

Our white coat ceremony was truly incredible. Attending the event in person made it all that more special. As I walked into the auditorium, I closed my eyes to feel the energy of 137 student doctors buzzing with excitement. The journey to this point in our careers was certainly faced with its fair share of trials and tribulations - including completing four exams in four days just the week prior.
The ceremony served almost as a reset button, reminding us why we all chose to commit to this lifelong journey and refreshing our souls. Hearing stories from first-generation high school, college, masters, and now medical student, Student Doctor Malik, MS, MPH (OMS-2, COMSEC President) reminded me of the incredible feats so many students have accomplished to get here. I became overwhelmed with a great sense of pride when I surveyed the room to see future doctors of all different sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, and age filling the seats around me.

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