American Canyon math instructor wins Napa County Teacher of the Year

The Napa Valley Register
by Noel Brinkerhoff

Ron Eick [2014 alumnus of the Graduate School of Education] has become the first instructor at American Canyon High School to win Napa County Teacher of the Year.

“To be a finalist is an honor,” said Eick last Wednesday at a ceremony held at Riverbend Plaza at the Historic Napa Mill. “But to win, it’s amazing.”


Eick acknowledged that when he meets people and tells them he teaches math, they often say to him: “Bless you. I hated math,” he said.

“It makes me cringe” that there is a “stigma in society where people dislike math so much,” he said.

But he tells his students: “There’s so much beauty to it if you really just take your time and focus on it."

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Ron Eick, CEHS 2014