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Mike Thompson announces over $665,000 in funding for Touro's training program

Rep. Mike Thompson, D. St. Helena, announced Tuesday a $665,256 grant for Touro University's Resiliency Workforce Training Program. This funding will help Touro support and train health care and public safety workers who have been on the front lines of the pandemic.

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Tip of the Week: Organizational Culture is Essential to a Successful Pharmacy

Traveling to a faraway country and observing significant cultural differences can be an awe-inspiring experience. Upon further contemplation and reflection, it becomes apparent that even small cultural differences can lead to noteworthy changes in how a society functions. But how about an organization? Whether at an organizational or societal level, culture is an overarching and encompassing blanket that defines and affects behaviors and outcomes.

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For Your Health: Heal with osteopathic manipulative treatment

Being sick or in pain can bring everything to a grinding halt, leaving nothing feeling right. But by applying the hands-on techniques of osteopathic manipulative treatment, or OMT, doctors of osteopathic medicine can diagnose and treat illness or injury with a deep understanding of the interconnectivity of the body's systems and how they affect each other.

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Learn to Cope With Burnout in the Pharmacy

With millions of health care professionals heroically fighting COVID-19 on the front lines, battle fatigue has kicked in for many.

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Putting faith in food and toys in Vallejo

Raised in upstate New York, "we didn't know we were poor," said Irene O'Brien. "My mother would put each sock in a different box and wrapped it up so we thought we had a bunch of gifts."

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Webcast: The Future of Psychedelic Medicine, the Role of the Pharmacy

In a webcast discussion, Pharmacy Times interviewed a panel of experts on the future of psychedelic medicine and the role of the pharmacy in that future.

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Tip of the Week: Trust in Pharmacists Is Key to Customer Loyalty

While pharmacy continues to evolve into more patient-centric practice, we should not lose sight of the fact that pharmacy is a business, as is the case with medicine and other health professions. If the pharmacy is forced to close due to poor management, then it will obviously never again offer patient-centric services.

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Vallejo's Touro gets more accreditations

Touro University California's School of Nursing has earned accreditation for both the Master of Science of Nursing (MSN) and post master's family nurse practitioner (FNP) degree offerings.

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Tip of the Week: Improving Efficiency Benefits Everyone

Effective time management is a challenge for most people, but it may be particularly difficult for community pharmacists. Pharmacists in the community setting have the added pressure of ensuring patient safety while multitasking between prescription verification, managing staff members, and patient consultations. Burnout, increased workload, and enhanced responsibilities despite the lack of time and resources are issues that face many pharmacists.

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For Your Health: Screening key in reversing prediabetic condition

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and, as someone living with diabetes, I think I have something important to lend to the topic.

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AAA funds initiative to bring equitable representation to anatomical instructional materials

The American Association for Anatomy (AAA) has funded a program entitled Portfolios of People: Advancing Anatomical Representation Together (POP AART). The POP AART program aims to address a lack of anatomy teaching visual supplements that are representative of human diversity.

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Vallejo's Touro University California names equity officer

Anika Lee has been named Touro University California's new equity officer. Lee is set to earn her Master of Public Health degree from the Vallejo institution in 2022.

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Vallejo's Touro University hosts World Autism Awareness Lunch

Touro University California hosts its first-ever free World Autism Awareness Lunch at the campus's Farragut Inn Ballroom on April 2, university officials announced. The event is open to the public.

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Why I Chose to Be a DO -- and Not an MD

As he updated the nation on President Trump's Health, White House physician Sean P. Conley, DO, brought new attention to the osteopathic degree. Many in the media questioned not just his statements, but also his qualifications to serve in this important role. But as those in the medical community are well aware, they could not be more wrong. Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) are similarly educated and identically licensed as our colleagues who hold a Doctor of Medicine degree, and as is the case for MDs, there are no restrictions on our practice.

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Tip of the Week: Managers Have the Power, Responsibility to Mitigate Workers' Emotional Exhaustion

Burnout is receiving greater attention in the pharmacy field and throughout the health care community. Practitioner burnout can impact not only their own wellbeing but also has ramifications for patient care. A recent management tip discussed the use of a professional sabbatical to provide pharmacists with time to rest and recharge. However, sabbatical leave may not be an option for many managers, and more conventional and typically accessible methods are needed.

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