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Dr Kevin  Ita

Kevin Ita

College: COP

Department: Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Title: Professor

Phone: (707) 638-5994

Fax: (707) 638-5266

E-Mail: kita@touro.edu

Office: Administration & Faculty 2, Rm. 210

Institution Degree Field of Study Obtained
Lviv Medical University, Ukraine MSc Pharmacy 1986
NorthWest University, South Africa Ph.D. Pharmaceutics 2004

Fall Semester• 
PHRM 602: Pharmaceutical Sciences (Participating Faculty Member)
PHRM 610: Pharmaceutical Sciences (Participating Faculty Member) 

Spring Semester• 
PHRM 606: Pharmaceutical Sciences (Participating Faculty Member) 
PHRM 614: Pharmaceutical Sciences (Participating Faculty Member) 

Currently, there is tremendous interest in the use of physical techniques for transdermal drug delivery. The goal of our research is to investigate various technologies for transdermal drug delivery enhancement. Our experience with various therapeutic agents indicates that passive diffusion through the stratum corneum is difficult especially to hydrophilic and charged compounds. Our future approach is to use mild electric current (iontophoresis) , ultrasound (sonophoresis) and microneedles to increase transcutaneous flux. Iontophoresis uses low-level electric current to drive ionized drug molecules into or through the skin. Typically, the current may be about 0.2 mA/sq cm and is almost imperceptible at this level. By using an electrode of the same polarity as the charge on the drug, the drug is driven into the skin by electrostatic repulsion. 
Our second approach is the use of ultrasound (sonophoresis) for flux enhancement. Ultrasound has been shown to enhance transdermal permeability of various drugs. It has been suggested that the enhancement may be due to local heating and/or cavitation i.e. formation and oscillation of small gaseous inclusion. The third approach is through the use of microneedles.These are micron-sized needles that are long enough to porate the stratum corneum but short enough to avoid nerve endings located in the dermis. Thus it is a painelss and minimally invasive technique. Our laboratory will focus on the development of clinically useful formulations by using these techniques. 

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Kevin Ita UICC Fellow (2000) 


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Poster Presentations

Nguyen, K.T., Ita, K.B (2014) Influence of microneedles on transdermal delivery of metoprolol tartrate. Annual Meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, San Diego, California, Abstract M1220.

K.B.Ita (2008) Sonophoretic transport of penbutolol sulfate: In vitro studies Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Atlanta, Georgia. Abstract no.2237.p 96 

K.B.Ita,A.K. Banga (2008) In vitro transdermal iontophoretic delivery of penbutolol sulfate. Annual Meeting of the Controlled Release Society, New York City. Abstract no. 371 p. 71 

Fellow, International Union Against Cancer, Tenerife, Spain 
Member, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 
Member, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 
Member, Controlled Release Society 

EmployerTitleFrom - ToUniversity of Calabar Teaching HospitalPharmacist-Intern1986-1987General Hospital, Tudun Wada, Kaduna, NigeriaPharmacist1987-1988Flobett Pharmacy, Lagos, NigeriaPharmacist1989-1990Vicon Pharmacy, Calabar, NigeriaPharmacist1991-1993Ansa Eso Pharmacy, Calabar, NigeriaPharmacist1993-1995Lanita Pharmacy, Calabar, NigeriaPharmacist1995-1996University of La Laguna, Tenerife, SpainUICC Fellow2000University of Uyo/Dept. of PharmaceuticsLecturer1997-2002Touro University – California / College of PharmacyAssistant Professor2006-now

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