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Walter Hartwig

Walter Hartwig

College: COM

Department: Academic Affairs

Title: Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Phone: (707) 638-5410


E-Mail: whartwig@touro.edu

Office: Administration & Faculty 1, Rm. 234

In my role as Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success I am responsible for stewarding our osteopathic medical students from admission through graduation.  I work with each student individually to develop their path toward residency and professional clinical service.  For enrollment management my goal is to communicate the TUCOM mission to prospective applicants to broaden and deepen our identity in communities most in need of access to medical education and healthcare.  In the general realm of medical education I am pleased to have authored Med School Rx: Getting In, Getting Through, and Getting On With Doctoring, now in its second edition.

In my faculty role I teach anatomy and embryology, and an occasional elective course in human growth and development.  I am thankful that my curriculum was published as the textbook Fundamental Anatomy (Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins), in 2007.

My academic background is in physical anthropology in general and primate evolution in particular.  I am fortunate to have conducted fieldwork in Tanzania, Colombia, Venezuela and, most recently, Brasil.  The body of my modest scholarly work has been published in two dozen peer-reviewed articles across 13 different journals, and in a dozen invited book chapters.  I am privileged to have edited and produced a large reference work in primate evolution, The Primate Fossil Record (Cambridge University Press).

I joined the Touro University California faculty in 1997.  Prior to that I held teaching appointments at University of California at Berkeley, George Washington University, and University of Illinois-Chicago.

Institution Degree Field of Study Obtained
University of California – Berkeley Ph.D Anthropology 1993
University of Missouri B.A. Anthropology 1986

Fundamentals of Osteopathic Medicine


My published research pertains mostly to the evolution of monkeys, apes and humans, particularly in terms of the trade-offs between neural and somatic growth trajectories (1991 - 2013).  In addition to primate paleontology and life history I have enjoyed studying the history of physical anthropology (1995, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2007), and the codification of anatomy and embryology in atlas and textbook form (1990 - 1995, 2010).

Research Grants

1988 Paleontological Survey of Middle Miocene Deposits at La Venta, Colombia.  Graduate Division, University of California, Berkeley

1990  Paleontological Survey of Tertiary Deposits along the Cordillera Merida and Orinoco Basin, Venezuela. Graduate Division, University of California, Berkeley

1991 Paleontological Survey of Tertiary Deposits along the Cordillera Merida and Orinoco Basin, Venezuela. Explorers Club

1991 Paleontological Survey of Tertiary Deposits along the Cordillera Merida and Orinoco Basin, Venezuela. Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

1992 Biogeography of New World Monkeys and the Pleistocene Caves of Lagoa Santa, Brazil. Sigma XI Society of Scientific Research

1992 An Interactive Image Archive System for the Study of Prehistory. National Geographic Society

1993 Workshop on Imaging Research in Physical Anthropology. LSB Leakey Foundation

1994 New Large-bodied Primates in the Pleistocene of Brazil. LSB Leakey Foundation

1998 Biogeography and Biodiversity of Pleistocene Mammals in Southeastern
Amazonia. National Geographic Society

2004 Primate Origins and Paleocommunities (POPCOM): a Global Field Test of the
Early Origins Hypothesis. Touro University – California.

2016 Patient Perspectives of Osteopathic Distinction and Physician Empathy.  (Glenn Davis and Richard Riemer, co-PIs).  American Osteopathic Association.

2011 Hartwig, WC Med School Rx: Getting In, Getting Through and Getting On With Doctoring.  2nd Edition. New York: Kaplan Publishing.

2007 Hartwig, WC Fundamental Anatomy. Baltimore: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

2002 Hartwig, WC (editor) The Primate Fossil Record. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Partial List of Recent Articles and Chapters

2017   Davis GE, Hartwig WC, McTighe AJ Clinical preceptors' perceptions of empathy: the Empathy in Osteopathic Training and Education (EMOTE) study. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 117(8):503-509. doi:10.7556/jaoa.2017.100.

2015   Rosenberger AL, Cooke SB, Halenar L, Tejedor MF, Hartwig WC, Novo NM and Munoz-Saba Y  Fossil Alouattines and the origins of Alouatta: craniodental diversity and interrelationships. In  Howler Monkeys: Examining the Evolution, Physiology, Behavior, Ecology and Conservation of the Most Widely Distributed Neotropical Primate. Ed. by M Kowalewski, P Garber, L Cortés-Ortiz, B Urbani, D Youlatos. New York: Springer Press, pp.21-54.

2013   Hartwig, WC  Review of Ameranthropoides loysi Montandon 1929: The History of a Primatological Fraud.  Urbani, B and Viloria, AL.  Buenos Aires:  Libros en Red, 2008.  The Relict Hominoid Inquiry 2:22-23.

2013       Hartwig, WC and Barnett, A    Fossil History, Zoogeography and Taxonomy of the Pitheciids:  Introduction.  In Evolutionary Biology and Conservation of Titis, Sakis and Uacaris(Veiga, Barnett, Ferrari, Norconk, eds.)  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, pp.1-4.

2013   Rosenberger, AL and Hartwig, WC  Primates (Lemurs, Lorises, Tarsiers, Monkeys and Apes).  In Encylopedia of Life Sciences, 3rd edition.  Chichester:  John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.  DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0001572.pub3

2013   Rosenberger, AL and Hartwig, WC  New World monkeys.  In Encylopedia of Life Sciences, 3rd edition.  Chichester:  John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0001562.pub3

2012    Yavari M, Klapstein KD, Hartwig WC & Hermel E  Presence of the Functional Caspase-12 Allele in Indian Subpopulations.  International Journal of Immunogenetics 39:389-393 

2011   Hartwig WC, Rosenberger AL, Norconk MA, Young Owl M  Relative brain size, gut size and evolution in New World monkeys.  Anatomical Record 294:2207-2221.             

2011   Hartwig, WC  Primate Evolution.  In Primates in Perspective, 2nd Edition (Campbell, Panger, Fuentes, MacKinnon and Stumpf, eds.).  OxfordUniversity Press, pp.19-31.

2011      Frost, SR, Rosenberger, AL, Hartwig, WC  Old World Monkeys.  In Encyclopedia of Life Sciences 2011, John Wiley and Sones, Ltd.  http://www.els.net/ [DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0001561.pub2]

2010       Hartwig, WC  Review of The Human Body: An Introduction for the Biomedical and Health Sciences, by Gillian Pocock and Christopher D. Richards.  Quarterly Review of Biology 85:240-241



2008    Hartwig, WC Evolution on the road less traveled. Review of Primate Evolution, by Susan Cachel. American Journal of Primatology 70:1003-1005.

2008    Rosenberger, AL, Halenar, L, Cooke, S, and Hartwig, WC Morphology and evolution of the spider monkey, genus Ateles. In Spider Monkeys: Behavior, Encology and Evolution of the Genus Ateles (Campbell CJ, ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 19-49.

2007    Hartwig, WC Obituary: F. Clark Howell, Evolutionary Anthropology 16:81-82.

2007    Hartwig, WC Selection and the outer self. Review of Skin: A Natural History, by Nina G. Jablonski. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 14:200-201.

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2004    Hartwig, WC Review of Life’s Solution by Simon Conway Morris. American Journal of Human Biology 16:496-497

Prior Articles:

2002 Whitaker, JM, Williams, T, Rousseau, L., Rowan, RA, and Hartwig, WC A scoring system for estimating age in the foot skeleton. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 118:385-392.

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1997 - present     Touro University - California

1996 - 97            University of California, Berkeley (Lecturer)

1995 - 96            George Washington University (Visiting Assistant Professor)

1993 - 95            State University of New York, Stony Brook (Postdoctoral Fellow)

1991 - 92            University of Illinois - Chicago (Instructor)

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