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Miriam  Gochin

Miriam Gochin

College: COM

Department: Basic Sciences

Title: Professor

Phone: Office: (707) 638-5463; Lab: (707) 638 5482

Fax: (707) 638-5255

E-Mail: mgochin@touro.edu

Office: Administration & Faculty 1, Rm. 128

Website: http://research.tu.edu/com/laboratories/gochin/index.html

Institution Degree Field of Study Obtained
Rhodes University, South Africa B.S. Honors Math/Chemistry 1977
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel M.S. Chemistry 1981
University of California, Berkeley, CA Ph.D. Chemistry 1987


Touro University: Didactic instruction in Fundamentals of Osteopathic Medicine; Physician Assistant / Masters in Public Health and Masters in Health Science programs. Lectured in Fundamentals of Genetics and Inherited Diseases, Biochemistry, Basic Virology, Biotechnology

UCSF: Physical Chemistry Lab for Pharmacy students; Theory of NMR course for graduate students.


Post-doctoral fellows and research personnel mentored:                                                                           

1999 Kechaun Tu University of California, San Francisco, University of the Pacific Dentistry, San Francisco, CA

2004-2008 Dong Wu University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, CA, Touro University – CA. Current position–biotech Startup

2004-2008 Lifeng Cai University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, CA, Touro University – CA. Current position: Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 27 Taiping Road, Beijing, 100850, China

2006 Yanxia Hou University of California, San Francisco, Touro University California  Current position: Associate Scientist, Département des Microtechnologies pour la Biologie et la Santé (DTBS), Laboratoire d’electronique et de technologies de l’information (LETI), Commissariat a L’Energie Atomique (CEA), 17 Rue Des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble, France

2007 Shengyong Zhai University of California, San Francisco, Touro University California

2008-2009 Edina Balogh Touro University California

2008-current Guangyan Zhou Touro University California

2010 Aaron Phillips Touro University California Current position: Genentech, South San Francisco, CA

2010-11 Zhuangwu Li Touro University California

2010 Harmeet Kaur Touro University California

2011 Joseph Walsh Touro University California and UCSF

2011-2012 Mamta Chahar Touro University California and San Francisco State University

2011- Shidong Chu Touro University California

2011- Hardeep Kaur Touro University California

2012- Vladimir Sofiyev Touro University California


Website: Structural Biology Lab
We are using biochemical and biophysical tools for drug discovery against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus fusion mechanism. Drugs in this class have the potential to prevent the infection of T-cells by invading virus, and are so far limited to peptides that have poor pharmaceutical and bioavailability profiles. We are using techniques such as bio-inorganic chemistry, fluorescence, NMR spectroscopy and solid state biosensors to develop methodology allowing detection of small molecules targeting the viral fusion domain. Such compounds have the potential to be developed into effective drugs.

Current research includes the development of assays for the detection, evaluation and development of fusion inhibitors against HIV.  Methodology includes the use of a fluorescence assay to detect inhibitors binding to the HIV-1 envelope protein gp41, which is responsible for viral fusion. NMR studies have been designed for structural elucidation of bound low molecular weight gp41 inhibitors.  A solid-state (biosensor) assay utilizing an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance has been developed.  We are also actively engaged in synthetic chemistry and computational chemistry for rational drug design.  Currently three classes of compounds are being investigated: 1) compounds randomly chosen from screening of a large diverse library; 2) Compounds selected from focused combinatorial libraries of peptidomimetics which mimic the natural interaction; 3) Rationally designed compounds based on structure-based drug discovery.  Application of the technology to the trimeric domain of other Class 1 viruses, in particular Influenza virus, as well as other types of pathogens, eg. Tuberculosis, is being considered.

Funded – Current

12/13/2010-12/12/2012 AI093243-01 R21 (Principal Investigator) “Rational design of indole compounds as HIV fusion inhibitors”, NIH/NIAID $275,000 direct costs

9/13/2010-8/12/2014 GM087998-01A1 R01 (Principal Investigator) “Structure-based discovery and development of HIV-1 gp41 fusion inhibitors”, NIH/NIGMS $207,649 direct / year

Funded – Past

10/1/2009-9/30/2010 NS066469-01A1 R21 (Principal Investigator) “Assay development for high affinity non-peptide HIV-1 gp41 inhibitors” NIH/NINDS $100,000 direct / year

8/1/2008-2/21/2010 NS059403-S1 (Principal Investigator) (Supplement) Application of HIV-1 fusion inhibitor assay at MLSCN, project approval April 2, 2009 ($25,000 direct)

3/1/2007-2/28-2009 NS059403 R21 (Principal Investigator) “A high throughput screening assay for HIV-1 fusion inhibitors”, NIH/NINDS $125,000 direct (extended through 2/28/2010)

9/1/2005-8/31/2008 ID05-TOURO-041 (Principal Investigator)”A Biosensor for detection of HIV fusion inhibitors” Universitywide AIDS Research Program, $50,000 direct / year

5/1/2004–4/31/2006 AI060361 R21 (Principal Investigator) “Metallopeptides in HIV-1 Fusion Inhibition”  NIH/NIAID $150,000 direct / year

1/1/2003-12/31/2003 106388-33-RGGN  (Principal Investigator) “A Mimic of the gp41 Coiled Coil in Inhibition of HIV” American Foundation for AIDS Research $90,000 direct

7/1/2003-7/1/2004 PDRF522 (Principal Investigator) “Expression of HIV-1 gp41 Peptides in E. coli” Pacific Dental Research Foundation, $3604

2003 DRES-023 Research Committee grant (Principal Investigator) “NMR Studies of Designed Metal-binding Peptides”, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, $3000

7/1/2000 – 6/31/2002  R00-UP-092 (Principal Investigator) “Targeting HIV by Disruption of the Fusion Mechanism” Universitywide AIDS Research Program, $75,000 direct / year

7/1/1995–6/30/1999 GM53164 R29 (Principal Investigator) “Paramagnetic Ions in NMR Structure Determination” NIH/NIGMS 75,000 direct / year


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

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University Service

1999-2002 Admissions Committee, UCSF School of Pharmacy

2003 Student Welfare Committee, UCSF

2005-present Research Committee, Touro University

2005- Institutional Commitment to Outcomes, Touro University

2009- Assessment Development, Touro University

2009-present Translational Research Committee, Touro University

2009 WASC steering committee, Touro University

2009-2011 Program Review Committee, Touro University

2009-present Institutional Biosafety Committee, Touro University

2010-present Secretary, Faculty Benefits and Renention Committee

Professional Service

1994-present   Ad hoc reviewer, American Chemical Society, Biophys J, Biochemistry, FEBS Letts, J. Biomolec NMR, Bioorg and Med Chemistry Letts, Eur. J. Biochem.

2006-7 Reviewer, National Science Foundation, Division of Chemistry      

2009-10 E-mentoring program with students at Hogan High School, Project SEED with ACS

2010 Reviewer, NIH-NIAID

2011 Guest Editor, Hot Topic: “Lipophilic and Amphiphilic Interactions in Glycoprotein 41: Targets for Therapy”, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, November

2011 Reviewer, AIDS Fellowship Study Section ZRG1 AARR, July 15

2012 Administrative/Scientific Review Committee, Veterans Health Administration Clinical Case Registry Data Repository


1999-present   American Chemical Society

2003-present   American Association for the Advancement of Science

2004-present   International Society for Antiviral Research

1974-1976       Rhodesian Government University Scholarship, Rhodes University

1975-1976       Good Hope Textile Corporation Bursary for Chemistry, Rhodes   University

1975               Sydney Cruise Memorial Prize for Mathematics, Rhodes University

1976               David Williams Memorial Prize for Mathematics, Rhodes University

1980               Recipient of Award for Distinction, Weizmann Institute of Science

1984               Regent's fellowship, University of California, Berkeley

2008               Dean’s Recognition for Excellence in Teaching, UCSF School of Pharmacy

2010–present  Professor, Department of Basic Sciences; Touro University California.

2004-2010Associate Professor; Department of Basic Sciences; Touro University CA

1997-present Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UCSF.

1995-2005 Adjunct Professor, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco.

1993-1994 Associate Scientist, California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute.

1991-1993 Senior Research Associate, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA. 

1990-1991 Assistant Research Chemist, University of California, San Francisco, CA.

1987-1990 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UCSF.

1979 Lecturer, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. 

1978-79 Research Assistant, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel. 

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