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Mitchell Barnett

Mitchell Barnett

College: COP

Department: Clinical Sciences

Title: Associate Professor

E-Mail: mbarnett@touro.edu

Office: Administration & Faculty 2, Rm. 122

University of Iowa, Iowa City B.S. Pharmacy (Sociology Minor) 1989
University of Iowa, Iowa City M.S Pharmacy Outcomes 1999
University of Iowa, Iowa City PharmD Pharmacy 2004
Touro University, Vallejo Postdoc Psychopharmacotherapy 2005

Semester Course ID Course Title S* #Units #Hrs** #Students
Spring-98 46:146 Drug Information TA 2 2 100
Spring-00 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-01 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-02 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-03 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-04 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-05 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-06 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Spring-07 50:221 Introduction to Patient Research CO 3 6 10
Fall-05 PHRM-604 Clinical Sciences CO 5 9 64
Spring-06 PHRM-607 Social and Administrative Sciences CO 3 6 64
Fall-06 PHRM-602 Pharmaceutical Sciences CO 5 6 83
Fall-06 PHRM-604 Clinical Sciences CO 5 6 83
Fall-06 PHRM-611 Social and Administrative Sciences CO 3 6 64
Spring-07 Research Seminar Clinical Sciences CO 0 20 3
Semester Course ID Course Title S* #Units #Hrs** #Students
Fall-07 PHRM-602 Pharmaceutical Sciences CO 5 6 102
Fall-07 PHRM-604 Clinical Sciences CO 5 6 102
Spring-07 PHRM-615 Social and Administrative Sciences CO 3 3 83
Spring-07 PHRM-606 Pharmaceutical Sciences CO 5 9 102
Spring-07 PHRM-610 Pharmaceutical Sciences CO 5 6 83

*Status: TA: Teaching assistant for the class (teaching, small group discussion, and evaluations).
CO: Co-teaching with other professors (responsible for teaching and evaluations for # hours indicated in the “hours” column
** #Hours: Refers to the numbers of hours that I taught in that class for a given semester.
Other Teaching Experience (1991-2002):
• Guest lecturer for Drug Information: 1991-1996, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
• Guest lecturer for Health Promotion: 2002, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA
Clinical Teaching Experience:
Adjunct professor: 1990-1998, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

My primary research interests involve two seemingly diverse areas of study, namely 1) the use of healthcare claim databases to address clinical research questions, and 2) the use of college of pharmacy educational data to address student assessment questions. The two areas of research are however linked in several ways, which include the ability to maintain and utilize data maintained in different physical locations and formats, the ability to chose and apply appropriate methodological techniques for a given situation, and the ability to recognize limitation of patient/student level data and carefully interpret statistical findings.

With healthcare claims data, I was recently part of a large project estimating rates of monitoring for glucose and lipid dysregulation among new antipsychotic users within an ambulatory Medicaid population. This study demonstrated that antipsychotic users are not receiving appropriate American Diabetic Association guideline monitoring, and highlighted the potential opportunity for community pharmacist to fill such a gap. I am currently pursuing funding options to implement an intervention where community pharmacists would provide glucose and lipid dysregulation monitoring services for a Medicaid population. Another recently completed project utilized a “time of exposure” model, a novel technique in survival analyses to more appropriately estimate the true risk of cerebrovascular events associated with atypical antipsychotic use in dementia patients. I was also recently involved in a pharmacist intervention study looking at the occurrence of adverse events associated with multiple chronic medication use (more than 5 medications) in elderly VA patients.

In the future, I am interested in improving algorithms used to estimate comorbidity and illness severity using pharmacy claims data. Traditionally, severity adjustment measures have used diagnosis data exclusively to estimate the burden of illness. Preliminary studies have shown that adding information derived from pharmacy data may improve the validity of these tools. I feel that this area of research offers an unlimited opportunity to researchers with clinical pharmacy experience and statistical methodology skills.

With student educational data, I was recently part of a project evaluating the findings of the college’s newly developed student formative and summative assessment tool. The innovative measurement tool is known as the “Triple Jump Exam” because it is comprised of three distinct components, a closed book, an open book, and a clinical skills assessment. The Triple Jump Exam was specifically designed to measure ability and provide information regarding student skills not captured in traditional mid-term or final exams. Initial findings were presented to the assessment and curriculum committees, and a peer reviewed manuscript is being finalized. I am also part of an ongoing project to identify student preadmission factors associated with classroom, experiential, formative, and summative exam “success”.

As pharmacy education continues to move away from a traditional classroom environment and towards a clinical or experiential environment, I am interested in developing algorithms useful in identifying student factors related to experiential success. In particular, pharmacy education lags behind medical education in defining and identifying preadmission predictors of clinical success, including experiential program success, licensing exam pass rates for graduates, and percentage rate of graduates becoming board certified. I feel that this area of pharmacy educational research offers a wonderful opportunity for a researcher with teaching experience, measurement theory training, and database skills.

Currently active

Held Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Indianapolis (2005-2007)
P Perry, M Barnett. Risk of Cerebrovascular Events Associated with Antipsychotic Use in Patients with Dementia: A Large Retrospective VA/Medicare Merged Database Analysis. ($11,500/year)

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1. Taylor, Thomas N., Redford, T., Saag, Kenneth, and Barnett, Mitchell J. Medical Care Use and Expenditures of Persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Nonelderly, Adult Medicaid Population. Arthritis & Rheumatism 1996; 39 (Suppl):S71.

1986-1989 Deans List
1987-1988 Honors Seminar
1988 Rho-Chi Honors Fraternity
1986-1989 University of Iowa Scholar undergraduate research stipend.
1988 Zopf Memorial Scholarship
1989 Charles T Holub Scholarship
1989 McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc. Dean’s Mortar and Pestle Award.
1991-1993 American Foundation of Pharmaceutical Education Fellow.

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