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Remote Access Readiness Steps -
Message from Scott Olds, Director of Information Technology

To: TUC Staff / Faculty, 

Please be advised that in preparation for enacting the TUC Campus COVID-19 Departmental Contingency Plans, the TUC IT department will be offering in-person classroom readiness training for the following.

  • Zoom
  • Canvas
  • Mediasite
  • Kaltura

A training schedule will be emailed to the campus. 

For business continuity purposes the primary platform should be to use either a PC or a laptop.  Use of tablets and/or smart phone or cell phone is not recommended as the primary platform because many services are limited on the tablet/smart phone platforms.  The contingency plans should recognize that office desktop access may not be available if an employee needs to work remotely.  If you have a choice to use wired connection or wireless, we suggest that you use the wired connection. 

To help employees to determine their level of readiness for contingency plan activation, please take some time in your day to go through the 9 item list below.  Check off each item as they are tested/implemented. This test is best completed from the remote location and not from your work computer. 

1.  Use the newly created Remote Access Approval Form

Remote Access Approval Form - v03-11-2020 - Microsoft Word

Remote Access Approval Form - v03-11-2020 - Adobe PDF

2.  Many key applications are available through your TouroOne portal. Connect to TouroOne, and also make sure DUO is setup properly. For any questions or support, send an email to

3.  Box access:  Please verify that you can access BOX from a remote workstation.

The following videos offer general instructions.  The videos are not precise, but conceptually sound and accurate. Please refer all BOX access questions to the TouroOne (TCUS) helpdesk at 

4.  Kaltura: If applicable, please verify access to Learning Management System (Canvas) and Kaltura/Mediasite.

The following videos offer general instructions.  The videos are not precise, but conceptually sound and accurate. Please refer all Canvas/Kaltura access questions to the TouroOne (TCUS) helpdesk at 

Mediasite recordings are accessible through Canvas course enrollments. 

There is a tool within Canvas that allows faculty to record from Kaltura that will automatically upload to Canvas.

Instructions - Kaltura video upload instructions.pdf
Kaltura_Capture 2020_03.pdf

5.  Voice mail -  Mitel Desk Phone  

Remote desk phone access to your messages:  Call your office phone number, when you hear your greeting hit (asterisk *) then listen to the options. Follow the prompts. It's just like changing your greeting from your office. 

Call forwarding:  On your desk phone hit the blue button, press the call forwarding button to turn ON. Enter the phone number that you would like to forward to and press "Activate" You will now notice GREEN light on your desk phone that indicating that your phone is now being forwarded. (Add 9 in front of the phone number, example: 96385424 or 919256385484)

6.  E-mail – Outlook Web Access (OWA) version

Go to or browse to, go to Faculty/Staff and e-mail link or use TouroOne portal

7.  Zoom participant readiness 

As we continue to plan for business continuity (academic and support services) in the face of COVID-19 in our community, Zoom is a tool that will play a key role in our instructional continuity.  I wanted to make everyone aware that while TCUS has cloud storage capability, it is currently exceeding that capacity.  This situation means that the company can potentially delete recordings without giving TCUS any notice.  This reality means that TUC faculty and staff should either:

    1. Change their Zoom settings to record to their local computer (see for instructions).
    2. If you must record to the cloud, as soon as you get the e-mail notifying you that your recording is available you should download it immediately (see for instructions).  Once you have downloaded the recording from Zoom, be sure to delete it from Zoom.  
    3. If you need to share the recording with someone outside of TUC, you can upload the recording to Box (see for instructions).  
    4. If you wish to add the recording to your course materials in Canvas, first upload the recording to Kaltura (see for instructions) and then add the Kaltura video to a page in Canvas (see for instructions).

Instructions: zoom checklist.pdf

ZoomBombing Prevention (Added 4/7/2020)

ZoomBombing Prevention Checklist

From blog regarding Zoom Bombing:

    • For education users we:
      • Rolled out a guide for administrators on setting up a virtual classroom
      • Set up a guide on how to better secure their virtual classrooms
      • Set up a dedicated K-12 privacy policy.
      • Changed the settings for education users enrolled in our K-12 program so virtual waiting rooms are on by default.
      • Changed the settings for education users enrolled in our K-12 program so that teachers by default are the only ones who can share content in class.
    • On April 1, we:
      • Published a blog to clarify the facts around encryption on our platform – acknowledging and apologizing for the confusion.
      • Permanently removed the attendee attention tracker feature. (updated 4/2 to clarify that it’s permanently removed)
      • Released fixes for both Mac-related issues raised by Patrick Wardle.
      • Released a fix for the UNC link issue.
      • Permanently removed the LinkedIn Sales Navigator app after identifying unnecessary data disclosure by the feature. (updated 4/2 to clarify that it’s permanently removed)

8.  VPN

If you are unable to access your files or other TCUS network resources via the methods above, you may be able to access individual files stored on your S:\ drive or departmental shares (folders) via the TUC VPN located at

Further instructions are included on the document attached. 


9.  Working and Teaching Remotely 

Please refer to this document and the linked documents.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the TUC servicedesk by e-mailing IT at

Thank you,

Scott Olds
Director of Information Technology
Touro University California
1310 Club Drive, Mare Island
Vallejo, CA 94592
Office: 707.638.5425

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