Covid19 TUC Updates

COVID-19 Libguide from the TUC Library

This guide gathers evidence-based resources on COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

In it you will find:

  • COVID-19 Facts - find out what you should and can do to protect yourself and others.
  • Latest Coronavirus News - find the latest evidence-based news on the coronavirus.
  • Emerging Coronavirus Research - find links to emerging research on coronavirus.
  • Databases for COVID-19 - free and licensed databases that have information on COVID-19.
  • Using the Library from Home - find ways to access the Library's resources from the comfort of your home.

If there are any questions about this libguide, please contact

The Library has added to the Library's A-Z Database page,  28 e-resources that include special sections with COVID-19 information.

View A-Z Databases list: 

COVID-19 information is findable on the A-Z Database page  by clicking on COVID-19 in the "All Subjects" search box.

The 28 COVID-19 resources include 13 COVID-19 free resources (i.e. do not require TUC authentication from off-campus).  These free resources are findable by clicking on "Free Resources" in the "All Database Types" Search box immediately after doing the COVID-19 subject search. 

For assistance, please e-mail the TUC Library at

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