men and women standing in front of building holding signs related to diabetes

Diabetes Dream Team

Finding answers. Helping people.

Touro University California's DREAM (Diabetes Research Education And Management) Team — part of the College of Osteopathic Medicine — is dedicated to education about, diagnosis and treatment of research into the international health crisis that is diabetes.

Suvarchala Kompella, MD

Diabetes Fellow, DREAM Team


Dr. Suvarchala Kompella, completed her medical school in India and went on to complete Internal Medicine residency from St. Agnes Medical Center in Baltimore. She gained clinical experience as a hospitalist having worked for over 10 years in a community hospital in California. After her firsthand observation that managing and treating diabetes can help in treatment of other related complications, she decided to pursue a diabetology fellowship at Touro University.

Dr. Kompella’ s focus is to broaden her knowledge of diabetes technology and better understand the pathophysiology of diabetes as part of metabolic disease. She is going through the intensive training offered by the Touro University diabetes fellowship program and looks forward to providing excellent care to patients with complex diabetes. She will also be part of the Success with Diabetes project.