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A Pathway to Trust: Vivian Partida, COM 2018

Inaugural Recipient of the Gregory Dean Strebel Memorial Scholarship

Vivian PartidaFor Vivian Partida, providing healthcare to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex community (LGBTQI) takes understanding your patients as much as wanting to treat them. Like with other populations, patients will not speak openly about their needs if they feel unheard. To provide excellent patient care, you also have to build trust.

Some of Vivian Partida’s Accomplishments Include:

Before coming to TUC, she served as Director for First 5 California in Contra Costa County and coordinated after school programs in East Oakland.

She helped establish the Student Government Association Student Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and was also part of the diversity task force, organized by Provost Emeritus Dr. Marilyn Hopkins, which led the establishment of the diversity coordinator position at TUC.

As president of the Rainbow Health Coalition, she worked with to prevent hate motivated violence against the LGBTQI Community in Davis where she helped introduce an anti-bullying curriculum in elementary schools and reinstated a Pride event in 2014 after a decade of inactivity.

Her paper Medical Student Attitudes and Awareness Surrounding Medical Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer (LGBTQ) Patients received 3rd place at ACOFP and 2nd place at the American College of Family Physician’s 2018 Inaugural Minority/LGBTQI Poster Contest in Austin, Texas.

“Just for a patient to walk in and say I want PrEP (the pre exposure prophylaxis for people at high risk for HIV) requires a tremendous amount of trust in the clinical setting,” says Student Doctor Partida. “And to be able to take a patient’s history in a non-judgmental or non-biased way takes a great amount of skill.”

Ensuring that physicians also check on any signs of depression or anxiety is also important with patients in the LGBTQI population. You cannot leave that part of the conversation out, says Student Doctor Partida.

Having previously served as president of TUC’s Rainbow Health Coalition, Student Doctor Partida was moved to see the kind of patient care that she has advocated for as a student put into practice by her preceptor at East Bay AIDS Center.

“The doctor knew each patient as well as their family structure and support. He knew the communities they were coming from and was sensitive to their stories,” says Student Doctor Partida. “It was really incredible to see that, to know that as a primary care provider, you can really do what it is that we say we want to do to provide whole patient care.”

Ready to graduate at this year’s 2018 commencement, Student Doctor Partida says she’s excited to apply what she’s learned to a residency in Internal Medicine at Kaiser Permanente's Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA where she plans to continue her passion for working with marginalized patient populations.

It was because of her steadfast demonstration of excellence and leadership throughout her four years in the College of Osteopathic Medicine that Student Doctor Partida was awarded the Inaugural Gregory Dean Strebel Memorial Scholarship. Gregory Dean Strebel, DO, worked at Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine from 2002-2013 where he helped to found the Touro University Gay-Straight Alliance (later known as the Rainbow Health Coalition) and contributed greatly to the growth, success, and culture of what the school is today.

In receiving the scholarship, Student Doctor Partida said, “This demonstrates that real and meaningful change can be affected with the efforts of a single person; but it relies on the support of an entire community to be maintained.”

Lisa Norton Dr. Lisa Norton Becomes the New Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences

Congratulations to Lisa Norton, EdD, newly appointed Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences (CEHS)! Dr. Norton came to TUC in August, 2016 as Assistant Dean of the CEHS. During her time here, she has been an advocate for the college on issues of social justice, equity, and diversity. Since summer of 2017, Dr. Norton has served as Interim Dean of CEHS.

"We are excited to have her as permanent Dean of CEHS and are looking forward to her continued advocacy on behalf of CEHS students, programs and within the Vallejo and Solano county Communities," wrote Provost and CAO Dr. Sarah Sweitzer in the TUC News & Notes.


Meet Our Staff: Andrew Cronan
Director of Career and Professional Development

Andrew Cronan

Andrew has been serving college students since 1999. Before arriving at TUC in November, 2017, his roles ranged from advisor to associate professor/director of career services at Temple University, Fordham University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Argosy University.

Some of the work that he is most proud of is the creation of an employer partnering program that better connected recruiters with Fordham students. Andrew also launched a diversity banquet and started an underwriting program in which FIT students with financial challenges had summer internship costs paid from NY State & employer funds.

Andrew lives in Larkspur with his wife, Juli, who is employed by Medtronic. Their daughter, Emily, is in graduate school in Maryland where she is studying to become a Child Life Specialist.

What is your favorite piece of advice?

Two come to mind: Happiness is not a destination. Contentment is found in your freedom to pursue happiness. - A Buddhist thought

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." - Thomas Jefferson

What programs are you planning to implement to meet the needs of TUC students?

In conjunction with Brigida Perez, Director of Alumni Affairs, we'll soon be introducing an Alumni Mentoring Program. Students will have an opportunity to be paired with an alumni of the college who may be able to provide guidance and advice based on having proceeded along the path before.

What would you like to say to those in the classes of 2018 who are about to enter the workforce? 

Select your first job based on what you will LEARN, not what you will EARN

Can you tell us a bit about your family? How do they shape who you are?

I am a first generation college graduate who learned hard work, discipline, and the golden rule from my wonderful parents.  I married 11 years ago, and adopted my wife’s biological daughter- the best decisions I ever made.

Where can we find you on the weekend?

Enjoying music at the Marin Country Mart or Terrapin Crossroads, practicing my guitar, attending car shows, working out at the gym, or dining with my wife.

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