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TUC College of Osteopathic Medicine Class Celebrates National Residency Match Day

The 20th graduating class of TUC has the highest concentration of Primary Care matches in a single class

Vallejo, Calif. (March 20, 2020): Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCCOM), Class of 2020 celebrated, a successful national residency match today with students being matched to 15 different medical specialties ranging from Internal Medicine to Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery.  Nearly two-thirds of the class will enter Primary Care foundation residencies, the highest percentage in school history.  Graduates matched from Maine to Hawaii but nearly 50% will stay in California, also a record for the college.

“I want to wish the Class of 2020, a very prosperous future.  We have this silent invader, COVID-19, in our lives, but we also have sunshine breaking through with this match,” said Dean Michael Clearfield, DO. “What you are is an indication of everything good that can happen in the future… You are there to better the world, you will be our legacy.  We are proud of you, go out there, and do what you have been trained to do.”

Across the country graduates of medical schools learned where they will be going for residency in a simultaneous online release of results that is considered a rite of passage for young physicians. The matching process starts in a student’s last year of medical school where they apply to various residency programs and submit a rank order list of their choices to the National Resident Matching Program. In turn, residency programs submit a list of their candidates in preferred order. The Matching Program uses a computer algorithm to match students to residencies based on the student’s ranked order and complementary match with the program. While in residency for the next three to seven years, graduates will gain specialized training in their area of focus.

“Above and beyond all else, thank you. You are such an inspiration,” said Tami Hendriksz, DO, Associate Dean of Clinical Education. “I can’t tell you how much you mean to me and what it means that you’re our future physicians. These matches chose you and you are very wanted. You will all do amazing things and I am incredibly proud of you.”

As the 20th graduating class, TUCCOM’s Class of 2020 will soon join over 2000 alumni osteopathic physicians in various specialties. Highlights of this year’s residency match include:

  • Successful match rates higher than the national average in 14 of the 15 disciplines
  • Record number for matches in Internal Medicine and matches in California
  • Five graduates combining residency training with military service in the United States Army, Navy and Air Force

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on your success and for a strong commitment to serve patients most in need in Primary Care,” said Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Sarah Sweitzer. “We know you will touch thousands of lives throughout California and the rest of the country as you embark on your careers. I know that you will continue to be Lamplighters in your medical and local communities, leading the way for others to shine and providing the best possible care for your patients so they can lead happy, healthy lives.”

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