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TEDMED Live Stream Comes to Touro University California

(Vallejo, CA – September 5, 2014) – Touro University California’s Faculty Senate, Public Health Program invite you to join in this year’s TEDMED Live 2014 viewing of “I Was Just Thinking Too Small,” presented at Lecture Hall B on Friday, September 12 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.

The event, offered by the American Public Health Association, offers a unique opportunity to participate in the conversation of health and medicine and provokes multidisciplinary thinking on health’s greatest challenges.

“I Was Just Thinking Too Small,” a session that encourages the public to realize that a narrow focus can be as limiting as it is productive, is one of nine sessions being presented between September 10-12, 2014.

Guest speakers include Daniel Kohane, Drug Delivery Innovator; Gypsy Allstars, East-West Fusion Musicians; Robin Guenther, Sustainable Healthcare Archetect; Rebecca Adamson, Global Indigenous Economics Maven; Nadine Burke Harris, Stress Doctor; Ram Sahasranam, Catalyst and Connector, and Heather Raffo, Global Witness/Artistic Healer.

Touro University California, through its partnership with the American Public Health Association, was accepted by TEDMED Live to provide access to the TEDMED Live Streaming 2014 series.

All TEDMED sessions will be posted for On-Demand viewing roughly 5-10 minutes after the live stream has ended. All On-Demand videos will be available starting Wednesday, September 10 through Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

TEDMED is a community of people who are passionate about imagining the future of health and medicine. Once a year, TEDMED holds a “grand gathering” where leaders from all sectors of society come together for almost four days. They explore the promise of technology and the potential of human achievement. This unique event combines dazzling celebration, high-powered learning and unforgettable theatre.

For information, please contact Pamela Redmond at 415-606-4454 or Sarah Sullivan at 510-277-2078.

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