Efficacy & Safety of Co-administration of Psychedelics with Psychiatric Medications

Pharmacy Times interviewed Kelan Thomas, PharmD, MS, associate professor of clinical sciences at Touro University California College of Pharmacy, on his recent presentations at Insight 2021 and the virtual Sana Symposium on psychedelic adverse effects and drug-drug interactions.


Alana Hippensteele: What are some key points to consider regarding co-administration of the psychedelics with psychiatric medications?


Kelan Thomas: Yeah, so the main things to consider are, even though MDMA have these sort of theoretical risks, when they looked at studies of healthy volunteers who were taking MDMA and then previously were given SSRIs or SNRI antidepressants, it actually attenuates the blood pressure effects, which demonstrates to me that there's sort of a pharmacodynamic interaction at play whereby the SSRIs are actually preventing some of the uptake of MDMA into the pre-synapse. So, it's not having as big of an effect on heart rate and blood pressure in co-administration.