Tip of the Week: Professional Sabbatical Leave Could Help Alleviate Burnout

Pharmacy Times
September 30, 2021
Shane P. Desselle, PhD, RPh, FAPhA

Despite the many opportunities and increasingly diverse career paths for pharmacists, burnout is a widespread issue. It can result in unhappiness, poorer patient care, and a lack of new and innovative ideas for how the pharmacy care process might be improved. The professional sabbatical is a concept we ordinarily think of for academic professors, but it is a potentially viable win-win for pharmacists and their employers.

Leung et al. conducted a systematic review of the literature on professional sabbaticals and offered considerations for health system pharmacists.1 Although much of the literature concerned sabbatical for academics, there was a growing number of articles regarding engineers, public health workers, nurses, physicians, midwives, and a couple from the pharmacy field. These reports were not always found in original research literature, but in commentaries, editorials, and letters to the editor.