Every Anxiety-Ridden Question You Have About School This Fall, Answered

By Kate Rope
August 6, 2020

There is no “first day of school” chalkboard big enough to capture the complexities of sending your kids to school — or keeping them home — during a global pandemic. Whether your school is holding in-person or remote classes or a hybrid of the two, whether your school district is offering you an agonizing choice, or your work situation leaves you with no choices, this is incredibly hard for all of us. To help navigate the transition ahead (or, in some parts of the country, already underway), Romper spoke to psychiatrists, psychologists, parenting coaches, educators, therapists, and an infectious disease specialist to answer every anxious question about back to school 2020 that we had heard, and some of our own.

In the hope of making the unmanageable somewhat manageable, we’ve divided the questions into six categories, addressing your mental health, your kid’s mental health, the decision (for those who have it), risk management for in-person schooling, remote learning, and the many hours when there is no school of any kind. It’s… a lot, so take what resonates for your family and leave the rest.

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