Professional Development: Continuous Growth as a Pharmacist and a Person

Pharmacy Times
by Dr. Shane Desselle

One of the more important facets of maintaining and advancing your career trajectory is professional development. Once considered solely about acquiring continuing education, professional development is now widely understood to be a much broader concept.

Here are 10 recommendations to maximize opportunities that sustain your professional growth:

• Hone the “soft” skills. A recent study of nationwide job postings for pharmacist positions found that employers were looking for pharmacists with verbal and written communication skills.1 Another study that collected survey responses from more than 2000 pharmacists confirmed communication skills as qualities valued among colleagues.2 The survey also found that the most desirable traits and behaviors a pharmacist can possess include politeness to patients, courtesy to colleagues, the ability to work independently with focus, active participation, and ingenuity in identifying solutions to problems. Although some of these skills might appear innate, many of them can be learned, practiced, and improved upon throughout your career.

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