Deintensifying Diabetes Drugs: Important Considerations

Jay H. Shubrook, DO; Jaron C. West, MSPAS, MPH

Jay H. Shubrook, DO
: Welcome back to Everyday Diabetes: Practical Pointers for Primary Care. I'm Jay Shubrook, family physician and diabetologist at Touro University, California. We hear a lot about the importance of intensifying insulin therapy in our patients with type 2 diabetes. And that is reasonable; it is important to get people to goal. A corollary that is becoming very important is: When do we deintensify insulin? When do we step back?

To discuss this, I am delighted to have with me Jaron West, a physician assistant who holds a masters of public health. He works at the Solano County Family Health Services, a series of Federally Qualified Health Centers providing care in northern California. Jaron, thanks for joining me today.

Jaron C. West, MSPAS, MPH: Thanks for having me.

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