Touro University California Presents a Special Presentation on the Importance of Green Healthcare by Dr. Roya Azizi

San Rafael Chamber

On Thursday, February 7, 2019, Touro University California’s (TUC’s) College of Osteopathic Medicine and Public Health Program welcome Dr. Roya Azizi, to discuss the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals in minimizing waste and the overall carbon impact from healthcare. The lecture is free and open to the public with prior registration.

Dr. Roya Azizi will discuss the negative impacts of the healthcare industry on the environment, and how healthcare professionals can reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating green solutions into their practice. Dr. Azizi’s green solutions include waste minimization/recycling, sustainable food servicing/sourcing, efficient medical equipment, environmentally-friendly products, water conservation, LEED building standards, and group transit alternatives. Her presentation will emphasize the importance of raising awareness of sustainability by incorporating green healthcare courses into the curriculum of all healthcare fields of study. In addition, participants will get a taste of what a green healthcare course could look like. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

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