Not all PCPs realize CDC has tools to help prevent diabetes

by Nhim K

Slightly more than one-third of primary care providers knew of the CDC-recognized lifestyle change program for preventing diabetes, and less than 20% knew of the agency’s STAT toolkit that serves the same purpose, according to findings recently published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 

...“The important take home message of this article is that 97% of primary care physicians are testing for prediabetes. Although lower numbers are using the screening tools described, I am not sure that it is necessary in the office setting as long as the testing is being done. These screening tools are often better suited to the community that may not present to the office for care. However, now that the National Diabetes Prevention Program is a covered benefit by Medicare, each time a patient with prediabetes is not referred is a missed opportunity for a covered benefit with proven efficacy,” Pfotenhauer said.

...There are many barriers to connecting patients with CDC-recognized programs including cost, lack of local programs or patients' reluctance to commit to the intensive year-long program. However, these programs have shown greater efficacy than medication in preventing type 2 diabetes."

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