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Good News: Retired teachers award $20K in scholarships

Eight Solano County students received a combined $20,000 in scholarships from California Retired Teachers Association Division 24 at a recent ceremony held at the Rancho Solano Country Club in Fairfield.

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Sunscreen may cause vitamin D deficiency, says study

Sunscreen is considered key when it comes to protecting against skin damage. A new study, however, suggests that there may be a significant drawback to using sunscreen: it could lead to vitamin D deficiency.

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Touro University Wins Community Philanthropy Award

In late March, Touro University California was one of 23 organizations to receive the Community Philanthropy Award from the North Bay Business Journal. Recipients of the Award were recognized for their commitment and efforts to improve the lives of others.

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Cure for Vitamin D deficiency? More sun, less block: study

There's a global D-ficiency happening. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun exposure caused by suncreen use, a new clinical review says.

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Touro University hosting 16th Research Day

Touro University California will host its 16th annual Research Day at 1 p.m. Thursday. The event showcases the recent research by faculty and students while celebrating their contributions to community health issues.

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Too MUCH sunscreen is making us vitamin D deficient by blocking the good side of sunshine, controversial study claims

Our dedication to suntan lotion has driven up rates of people needing vitamin D supplements, a controversial new study claims. Figures suggest three-quarters of the US population are deficient in the 'sunshine vitamin', including 95 percent of African Americans.

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Missions of Mercy

Sega, Kenya is perhaps much like you would imagine a rural community in a third-world country to be--remote and largely undeveloped. Lacking both roads and running water, electricity is present, yet sporadic in this town.

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Chef creates global soul food on kosher campus

Chef Ray Nottie knew just the basics of kosher cooking when he was hired for the chef position at Touro University California (TUC). Describing his meeting with a supervising rabbi, he said, 'I may not know 100 percent about kosher, but I've got the passion for food,'" Nottie says. "'I know international cuisine, you know kosher. Let's come together and make this happen."

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Patients with HIV: Counsel About Complementary and Alternative Supplement Use

Many patients who have HIV use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to help handle their health issues. This population, like other populations of people who have chronic diseases and take many different prescription drug therapies, is at high risk for drug interactions.

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Sutter Solano Medical Center Helps Touro University Launch Mobile Diabetes Education Center

Touro University California alongside executives from Sutter Solano Medical Center unveiled and officially launched a first-of-its-kind mobile diabetes education center at a press conference on the Touro campus early morning Monday, March 13.

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Insulin Resistance: When We Are the Problem

I am Jay H. Shubrook, family physician and diabetologist at Touro University in California. We are going to continue our series on practical insulin use in primary care. I am happy today to have Stephen Brunton, MD, executive director of the Primary Care Metabolic Group, who is going to talk not about physiologic insulin resistance but rather about clinician resistance to the use of insulin. Welcome, Steve.

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5 Things We Can All Do to Maximize the Quality of Life for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological disorder that can impair communication and social interactions, and often includes repetitive behaviors and/or focused interests. This month is dedicated to increasing the inclusive practices, self-determination skills, and awareness of ASD to ensure all individuals are able to achieve the highest quality of life.

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Vallejo's Touro University California wins Community Philanthropy Award

Among the medical caregivers, public health professionals and educators being educated at Touro University California are students who also collectively volunteer more than 22,000 hours of service each year to nonprofits and worthy causes.

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Kosher soul food on the menu at Touro dining hall

Tomato fennel soup. Roasted sweet potato, kale and sausage. Fried red snapper and grits topped with roasted tofu and okra. Sautéed garlic spinach and dirty rice. Cheesecake for dessert. All kosher. And that's not even the surprising part.

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Experts agree Nevada pot test flawed

Law enforcement, drug lab chemists, public defenders and even a DUI victim's advocate all called on lawmakers to change the marijuana driving under the influence laws in Nevada, saying the existing law doesn't test for actual impairment.

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