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Free Funny, Serious, One-man-race-relations Play at Touro Feb. 14

A free, one-man show chronicling the "poignant and comedic, ... changing face of the African American experience," is being offered free on Valentine's Day at Vallejo's Touro University's Farragut Ballroom, organizers announced.

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Mobile Phones Could be Anti-HIV Tool

Mobile phone technology could be an effective means to promote improved health practices among Cambodia's female entertainment workers and help curb the spread of HIV, according to a new study conducted by the organisation KHANA and the Center for Global Health Research at Touro University in California.

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Cutting Sugar Causes Drop in Heart Disease Risk Among Obese Children

Reducing sugar consumption in obese children, rather than cutting calories or starch, or losing weight, leads to a sharp decline in triglycerides and a key protein called ApoC-III - two features that are associated with heart disease in adulthood.

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Maintaining a Healthy Heart: Starting from Blood Pressure and Blood Lipids

Have you ever wondered why a medical assistant takes your blood pressure every time you are at the doctor's office? Have you ever wondered why your primary care provider asks you to get blood work, specifically a lipid panel, done at least once a year? The reason is simple: they care about your heart. Let's explore heart health through the lens of blood pressure and blood lipids.

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The Insulin Talk: What To Say When Your Patient Needs to Start Insulin

Jay H. Shubrook, DO: Hi. I am Jay Shubrook, DO, professor in the Department of Primary Care at Touro University, in California. I am delighted to talk today with Eugene Wright, MD, a clinical faculty member in the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine.

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Free bus service to, from Mare Island through Feb. 14

For more than a dozen years, getting to Mare Island from the Vallejo mainland meant driving, walking or riding a bike. There has been no regular bus service to the island for at least that long.

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Picks & Pecks: Kaiser, Touro working to fill education needs

Health care continues to be one of the fastest-growing fields and two strong organizations in the area are continuing to take steps to help fill that need.

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Vallejo's Touro University adds nursing program

Touro University has launched a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program at its School of Nursing beginning in January. The new Touro course is the only program of its kind in Solano County, and will include a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track to serve a diverse population, and help address health care provider shortage.

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Solano EDC announces new directors

Newly appointed Solano County Superintendent of Schools Lisette Estrella-Henderson is one of seven new directors on the Solano Economic Development Corporation board, which also includes two area councilmen.

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Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of California Praise Funding of Three-Year, $100 Million Program to Train Primary Care Physicians in Under-Served Communities

A three-year, $100 million allotment from California’s General Fund will tackle the shortage and training of primary care physicians in the state’s medically underserved areas, a move advocated by the Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of California among several health care groups.

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Touro University Receives Approval for Doctor of Nursing Program

Touro University has gained approval to launch a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program at its School of Nursing beginning this month.

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Touro University Vallejo approved for new program

Touro University California will likely launch a Doctor of Nursing Practice program next year, which will help address health care provider shortage in Solano County, school officials announced Monday.

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Riches to rags and back free presentation at Vallejo's Touro University

Richard LeMieux went from the high life to homeless and back and wrote about it in a book called "Breakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey." Now a homeless advocate, he's the keynote speaker for a discussion on homelessness at Vallejo's Touro University from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10.

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Maine's Virtual Charter Schools Begin to Smooth Out Some of the Bumps in Year Two

Across the state, about 800 middle and high school students wake up every morning, log on to their computers, and take all of their classes completely online. They're enrolled in to Maine's two virtual charter schools. This year, that same, online approach is also being used by brick-and-mortar schools, as well. The track record for online and blended learning is mixed nationally. The question now is if Maine's schools can buck the trend.

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Kids can turn Halloween stash into cash

Last year, Lincoln kids sold more than 600 pounds of their hard-earned Halloween candy for some cold hard cash. Lincoln Family Dentistry’s Halloween Candy Buy Back program continues for the fourth year, promising kids and their parents 50 cents for every pound of candy turned in.

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