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2019 Social Justice & Public Health Lecture Series

We know that we affect the environment, but how does the environment affect us and our health? Our attention to environmental health issues is often the result of emergencies: Zika virus outbreaks; Flint, Michigan's water crisis; Hurricane Katrina. Join us for a series of 6 lectures by nationally recognized leaders in the field as we expand our awareness of the ongoing impact of environmental risks on our health through a lens focused on social justice - particularly the disproportionate risks borne by low-income communities and communities of color.

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Little Lake Health Center in Willits welcomes Dr. Terri Turner

Mendocino Community Health Clinic (MCHC) Health Centers welcomes Dr. Terri Turner, an experienced internist/osteopath who specializes in functional medicine for adults. Dr. Turner joined the Little Lake Health Center team in May, where she sees patients and oversee mid-level providers.

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TUC student among panelists slated for conference on burnout

As pressure on the American health care system grows, the price being paid physically and emotionally by those providing that care will be the center of attention July 26 at the 20th annual Health Care Conference in Santa Rosa. Tait Shanafelt, chief wellness officer, Stanford Medicine Jeannie and Stewart Ritchie Professor of Medicine, and associate dean, Stanford School of Medicine (courtesy photo) 2015 Keynoting the event, sponsored by the Business Journal, Western Health Advantage and Sonoma County Medical Association, with a look physician and health care worker wellness will be Tait Shanafelt, M.D., chief wellness officer, Stanford Medical Center.

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TUC pharmacy students among "Script Your Future" winners

Today, the National Consumers League (NCL) and its partners announced the winners of the eighth annual Script Your Future Medication Adherence Team Challenge, a competition designed to engage health profession students and faculty across the nation by encouraging teams to develop creative initiatives to raise public awareness about the importance of medication adherence. This year's winners are Pacific University School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, North East Ohio Medical University College of Pharmacy (NEOMED), Touro University California College of Pharmacy, and the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy.

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Students experience medical simulations during program at Touro University

Fairfield high school student Nathalie Aquino said she had been considering a career in the sciences, but a medical simulation event at Vallejo's Touro University.

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Saturated fat increases LDL despite red, white meat consumption

White and red meat consumption had similar effects on blood cholesterol levels in patients with high saturated fat intakes, according to data from the APPROACH trial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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18 North Bay HR professionals reveal secrets to hiring in a tight labor market

Tight labor markets are becoming a fact of life for area businesses, so North Bay Business Journal asked local professionals on the people side of business about their challenges and solutions. The following are their responses to our questions. The professionals are listed alphabetically.

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Oakland Takes Step Toward Decriminalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms

A resolution to decriminalize certain natural psychedelic plants and fungi -- such as "magic" mushrooms -- was approved by an Oakland City Council committee Tuesday night and is expected to go to the full council for a vote on June 4. If the measure passes, Oakland would become the second city in the country to decriminalize entheogenic plants, following Denver earlier this month.

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New study gives failing grades to virtual schools

Thousands of K-thru-12 students in Michigan never set foot on campus -- they take all their classes online via two virtual charter schools. But some new policy briefs give virtual charter schools overall a failing grade.

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Red and White Meats Are Equally Bad for Cholesterol

Contrary to popular belief, consuming red meat and white meat, such as poultry, has equally negative effects on blood cholesterol levels, according to a study published today in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study, led by scientists at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) - the research arm of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland - surprised the researchers with the discovery that consuming high levels of red meat or white poultry resulted in higher blood cholesterol levels than consuming a comparable amount of plant proteins.

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When it comes to cholesterol, is chicken as bad as red meat?

Those who eschew steak in favor of chicken because they think it's healthier may be able to put lean beef back on the menu. That's because new research, published Tuesday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, is raising questions about poultry and cholesterol. The small study found that consuming high levels of red meat or white poultry resulted in higher blood cholesterol levels than consuming an equal amount of plant protein.

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Touro professor comments on virtual school enrollments

The number of K-12 students enrolling in full-time virtual and blended learning schools continues to grow, despite research suggesting that students in these programs do not perform as well as their peers in traditional settings. In a series of new research briefs released Tuesday, the nonprofit National Education Policy Center (NEPC) challenges the idea that online learning programs can be as effective as traditional schools in delivering individualized instruction to students. And it shows that, for all the flexibility they offer, such programs often come at a cost to student performance.

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Touro professor helps author virtual education report

The future of education, you might hear some enthusiasts say, is virtual: Online schools have grown significantly over the past decade, as have traditional schools that use online curriculum, and the promise of virtual education is boundless. Or not. Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2019, a report published annually by the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder, looks at the research on this form of education and suggests that some brakes ought to be put on the virtual education revolution.

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Navy doctors graduate from Touro

Four Sailors received their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine during the 2019 Commencement for the Touro University California on May 20. These Sailors are recipients of the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) The Army, Navy, and Air Force offer a service scholarship to students who attend medical and dental school programs. If accepted, students receive full coverage of all tuition/fee charges as well as reimbursement of health insurance costs and other related school expenses.

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