Volleyball Game vs. TUN

Spike It!

Following the success of our annual TUC vs. TUN basketball game, our senior leadership decided that the students deserved a second competitive event to enjoy in the fall term. Adding volleyball would allow the California and Nevada campuses to take turns hosting one event each year, giving everyone the opportunity to feel more involved and committed to our friendly little rivalry. The event will start with an open mic, and we encourage all of our talented musicians and entertainers at TUC to get their acts together soon and be ready to perform for our engaged audience in Lander Hall Auditorium. The sound system and stage will be set up and ready for you! And Touro faculty, staff, and student band Island Glow is already booked for the event.

Pre-game food will be available at 6 PM. Sr. Provost Shelley Berkley, Provost Marilyn Hopkins, and Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum will give the opening remarks. The game starts at 7:30 PM. Then the players will enjoy a dinner party at Farragut Inn.

It is TUC's unabashed hope that introducing volleyball to our friendly rivalry will help us to tip the scales against TUN. But regardless of the outcome, we are one university with the Nevada campus, and this game provides us with the unique opportunity to get to know and bond with our counterparts. Touro's busy students have been longing for something exciting outside of the vigors of their study, and we're giving it to them! But to any who are still reluctant to step away from their work, consider it an exercise in inter-professional cooperation and teamwork.

Volleyball 11/17/16