Multicultural Fashion Show

Vietnamese Student Pharmacist Association (VSPA) has coordinated the annual campus wide Multicultural night/ Fashion show with Korean Student Pharmacist Association (KSPA) to celebrate cultural awareness and diversity.  



When:Tuesday, September 20th, 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Where:Lander Hall, 170

What: Multicultural event bringing together students and faculty from different disciplines to celebrate diversity of our campus!

Who: YOU


  1. Students can gather their own cultural group; however I would need a person to act as a leader for each group who would be the main contact/ Ambassador for all the follow up information. As an Ambassador, you will be the designated leader for a specific country and main contact for communication purposes. Please be sure to indicate which country/culture you would like to model and represent. In the past, we had countries/cultures including but not limited to China,Philippines, Cameroon, Hawaii, Hmong, Japan, Tanzania, and Vietnam!
  2. Each country leader will need to find models to represent their country and need to coordinate how you would like to use your time on the runway
  3. On average, each group/models will have about 5-9 minutes on the runway. Time will be adjusted based on the size of the group and the number of groups participating. If your group decide not to do the runway however, you can have an option of performance a song, a dance or skit as long as it is relevant to your theme. 
  4. All groups are responsible for their own traditional outfit, choreography and background music. A short video clip or a PowerPoint with a short blurb about the culture to be read as the models are walking is encouraged.

If you are interested in having your country represented at this campus-wide multicultural night sign up by 9/10/2016 and contact or our